these are the times of our lives…

i can*t believe the summer*s actually over…
tonight, my last night in new york. i won*t be living her permanently ever again. it*s over. after tonight, i become a resident of philadelphia for at least four years…
and i*ll never forget everyone that made my life so wonderful.
me and pat and joe (mamma) went to the mall today as i had to get shoes and a pair of jeans, and i*ve never had more fun… lemon bowling, store-sock dorags, and joe buying the “joe mamma” shirt from delia*s… afterwards i swung by ultima to pay my last respects, then home to start packing. i loaded up my car, poor thing is packed full. then i headed down to nathan*s for the weekly carshow and to say my goodbyes… pat, hamid, joe, takumi, matt, joe, nick, yogi… so many people showed up… even lee with the evo5 came down to say goodbye. i had to leave around 1045 because i wanted to get a shower and be asleep by midnight, but that didn*t happen as pat hamid joe billy takumi and matt all showed up at my house and refused to let me leave…
i cried like a baby when i finally had to go in the house… i can*t believe i have to leave, i don*t want to. i want to stay and roadtrip with pat every night and hang out at ultima with hamid and drift the northshore with takumi… i don*t want to leave, i want to stay, i*m going to miss these people with all my heart… but i have no choice… and now as i*m writing this i*m hysterically crying because i*m so sad and i miss everyone so much already… and alana is coming over to say goodbye and i just really really don*t want the summer to end, but it already has…
so thank you, to everyone who showed me the best summer ever,… thank you for being my world, thank you for being amazing, and thank you for being my friends.

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