okay so i thought my week couldn*t get worse after that ticket-incident.
wow i was fucking wrong.
i started my new job today, i have to wake up at 630am and battle 1.5hours of rush hour traffic. fun. i do nothing at my job.
so on the way home at about 530pm my car starts to get really warm, the temp gauge goes up, and i*m like “okay, well, i*m sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, maybe it*s just getting heatsoaked” couple minutes later, oil pressure starts dropping, and the temp reaches 130*C (normal is like 85*C for my car) so now i know something*s not right. the temp gauge that comes stock on the car goes higher and higher and buries the needle…. that*s definitly not good. the oil pressure drops to ZERO, that*s not good at all either… my temp gauge goes to 150*C and this one also buries the needle. so i panic. i pull over. smoke is coming out from under my hood. i start crying. i refuse to open the hood because i didn*t want to see the damage that had been done.
15 minutes later, a car pulls up… i don*t recognize it… but i recognize the driver. it wa
s rob. hotrob. yes, fuck buddy rob. how random that he was driving down that highway and saw me. he was driving his friends car to go fix it. he calmed me down and convinced me to open the hood. the radiator fluid was completely empty. first thought: i fried my head gasket. fuck. then we realize, well, there*s still oil and it*s not burned… so it*s not the head gasket. thank god. what could it be? we look around to see if there was a leak in the radiator. there wasn*t. where the fuck did all that fluid go? problem solved: my water pump was long gone. toast. FUCK.
i knew i should have replaced it when i did my motor swap, but i was broke and figured it would last a little while… woops.
so rob stayed with me about two and a half hours he really saved the day i would have been flipping out if he hadn*t showed up, i still can*t believe what a coincidence it was… i ❤ rob. he*s like, my hero. he eventually had to leave because he has to be in new york for work this weekend…
so i called tripple a, i waited until about 930pm before they showed up. a cop came and gave me flares and left. fucker. thanks for helping.
so all in all…. today was the first day at my new job. my car blew up. rob saved the day. and tomorrow? well tomorrow i get to wake up again at 630am, and drive to work (jen i love you for letting me borrow your car!!!) and then come back and assess
the damage and somehow miraculously find nonexistant money to fix it…

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