last night was fun. i had a really good time. thank god, i needed it after this horrible week.
i woke up around 1030am and went to firestone to see if they could fix my car. it looks pretty bad. i*m really scared. so i came back to the dorm and watched a movie with monica and wound up falling asleep cause i was so tired. then i woke up and the guys from Gnet came down (bernie, chino, mark and erik) for the Import Revolution show and we all cruised down there. they were gonna chip in and get me a ticket since im so broke now b/c of my car but as we were standing in line for tickets a girl walks up to me and tells me that she registered her car in the show but had an extra wristband and asked if i wanted it for free and i was like hell yea so i wound up getting in for free anyway. the show was really good, i saw a lot of people from drexel there… there were a lot of ultima bimmers there… and the signal cars from DOW that crashed were there. i was talking to one of the signal guys for a while and he told me that the cars were both back up and running and were gonna be at englishtown on saturday and like so then he op
ens the door to one of them and tell me to get in. i was like OMG. so i got to sit in the signal car and molest the piss outta it and shift and make vroom noises and omg it was incredible. my friend took pictures on his digicam but i haven*t seen them yet. all in all, a good show. pictures are located at
after the show we all cruised around philly and met up with another Gnet guy clayton. they all wanted to go wash their cars and they did and then it rained. haha. and we went to pat*s and geno*s so they could get steaks and bernie got yelled at by the guy at pat*s because he got scared when he had to order and didn*t do it quick enough. it was really funny.
got back to the dorms around 5am, a looooong day, but it was a shitload of fun.
so today was not so bad. firestone called, it*s going to be $460 to fix my water pump (parts, labor, general service charge, coolant flush, etc etc) and then after they do that will they be able to tell me if my head gasket is now nonexistant… so i*m scerred.
me and monica and maddy (mah roomies) tried to bake an apple pie because we were bored and it was my job to peel the apples but i peeled my thumb by accident and it really hurt and it only confirmed the fact that i can*t fucking cook. but the pie came out good.
so what do i have to look forward to this week? waking up at 6-630am every day, drivi
ng 2hours to work each way, and paying out of my asshole to fix my car…

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