another blonde moment.

this is turning out to be a MUCH better week.
on top of having ridiculous amounts of fun this weekend with the Gnet guys, it only took me 45 minutes to get to work today so i got in at 745 and didn*t take lunch so i got to leave at 345! woo! so i left and i called firestone and my car is fixed and it*s only $500 and i didn*t blow my head gasket and i didn*t warp my block and i am soooooo happy. no more automatics! so i picked up my car and i ❤ her and it is beeeyooooteeful outside and me and maddy were watching something on animal planet and they were showing a dog that was taking care of baby chicks like they were puppies and i was like “how is that possible that*s gonna hurt when they nurse cause those things have beaks!” and maddy looks at me and is like “umm chicks don*t nurse” and i*m like, oh. haha. sometimes i*m too dumb for my own good. at least i*m back to my old self =D

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