i*ve got maiilll yaaaaaaay

went to dinner with the girlies at the caf. ha. hadn*t been there in ages. saw macdan, god i missed him… after that i drove to pick up jen from school and return her car she let me borrow (thanks hon i owe you my life) and after i picked up jen it became abundantly clear that the bitch can*t drive 😉 sorry hon, hadda say it. so she tried to park the car b/c mon and maddy were at some dollar store gettin crap for class and we were gonna pick them up and she parked with the ass of the car in the middle of market street so i got out to fix it for her and this guy drove by and looked at us and i was like ‘the girl can*t drive! i gotta park it for her!’ and he started laughing so then me and jen started making fun of retarded people by pretending we were retarded and saying hi to everyone that drove//walked by in the retarded-kid-voice and like everyone was starin at us and hysterically laughing so we*re driving around centercity in jen*s honda and the tires are bald so every time i even gave it a tiny bit of gas they*d make a noise like i was peeling out… fun. so we*re driving and waving and being retarde
d (literally) and laughing so hard we could barely breathe… good times good times… then we were sitting at a light and this suv of cute black guys pulls up next to me so i did the hiiiiiii retarded thing and one of the guys started laughing and retarded-hi*ed me back. i guess it was one of those things that you just had to be there in person for to truely understand… but it was fuckin hysterical. i ❤ my girls.


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