okay. so the exhaust. i love it. carbon fiber & titanium, what*s not to love??
here*s the update on the jgy fiasco, thanks to all those who are being supportive…
i called NOPI in atlanta today to see if i could find out when the stuff was shipped. they told me “everything except yours was taken care of” and i*m like wtf?? jason told me all of them were being sent to him, and i haven*t heard from him to let me know that i have to call in about mine… grrrr. so they*re shipping it here. thankgod that*s over. so now i don*t know if i should be angry for him not telling me or should i feel bad b/c he forgot. i don*t know. either way i didn*t call about the FMIC because there was sooo much traffic from the storm that i didn*t get home from work until about 630 (i left at 4… grrr) so i*ll call tomorrow and hopefully *crosses fingers* all goes well… but the weird thing is, this car was trying to get in front of me when i was driving home so i let him get over and it had a virginia license plate that started with the letters JGY!! wtf?? how weird is that???

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