hamid wrote me a poem
hamid i love you!!!
your hair is blond, your eyes are blue.
if you ever try to race her she will stick to your bumper like glue.
her car is fasss
she kicks a lot of ass
you went from automatic to stick
now you are able to shift really quick
if you want to race don’t be afraid to say
because front mount is on it’s way
complete 3″ exhaust is comming
so you ricers better get the running
KHS carbon titanium muffler to quiet the sound
so if you here her comming you better be hitting the ground
if you see SRG20DET on the number plate
then you have already been beaten and it’s too late
people say all she need is wings and she don’t need to drive fast she can fly low
so she can prove a point that you car is really slow
sugar is sweet and i met a girl named hailey
but nothing or no one could ever be as sweet as you ainsley…

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