car = fast.

so i just got home from atco. i*d never been there before. it*s a decent track. $12 test&tune unlimited runs. but englishtown still puts it to shame… here*s a brief recap of the night.
first run : 15.3 @ 93mph
i can explain. i swear.
i staged the car. a HUGE gust of wind blew. the car moved a centimeter and the staging lights went out. i put the car in reverse to restage, and at that exact moment, the ambers start dropping. WTF?? i had to pound it into first and take off. shitty run. oh well. chalk it up to “getting used to the new track and car setup”
second run : 14.9 @ 95mph
shitty launch, still trying to figure out the car*s sweet spot.
third run : 14.1 @ 98mph
launched sooo good at 3200rpm. slight wheel hop. i was proud.
this is with the setup in my signature, with the car fully loaded (backseat, two subs, spare tire) and on the shittiest street tires known to man
fourth run: 17.4 @ 58mph
*i was NOT driving the car for this run*
my friend w
ith his wrx wanted to run my car so i let him.
i was sooo paranoid that something was going to happen because my car does NOT like boys driving her (except for hamid) and the car was pulling hard as all hell till about midtrack when it just lost power dramatically and i started panicking thinking something with the tranny had gone wrong… he comes back to the pit after the run, i pop the hood, look around… the blow off valve literally BLEW OFF. since it*s the stock hotshot kit bov it*s not flanged on it*s connected to the piping with a hose and some clamps and i guess one of them got loose… oh well.
i*m so happy. seriously. i wanna put some slicks on her, i know i could get into the high 13s 🙂
i love my car!!!!


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