i know i haven*t posted in a while, work, if you can even call it that, has been kicking my ass.
i am NOT a morning person. especially in winter.
i do nothing at my job but sit on my ass all day. which honestly, staring at a computer for eight hours doing absolutely nothing can get reaaally boring/tiring quick.
so i*m exhausted.
i think ryan & ryan are coming to visit me tonight.
i miss them both 🙂
my car is running well.
i ordered my carbonfiber hood, $250 brand new.
should be here within a week.
then it*s on to suspension.
then a big brake upgrade.
then wheels.
then maybe those bride seats i want so badly.
then silly nismo dressup stuff (steering wheel/shift knob)
then the t3/t4 upgrade
and the pro-tech equal length stainless steel manifold.
and of course, jgy fuel rail and some injectors.
then the greddy profec e-01
and a s-afc ii
and maybe maybe maybe if i get rich suddenly,
the impul 211SR full kit.
christmas is coming soon, feel free to buy me any of the aforementioned parts.


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