forgive me, i*m bored…
Last cigarette: last night
Last big car ride: nopi nationals, atlanta georiga, 1000 miles each way!
Last kiss: it*s been so long i don*t remember, i*ve gone celibate.
Last good cry: watching some movie the other night
Last library book checked out: library? what*s that?
Last movie seen: half baked
Last beverage drank: yoohoo
Last food consumed: goldfish crackers
Last crush: supra john
Last phone call: my mom called me last night for the first time in over a month
Last TV show watched: friends
Last time showered: friday night
Last shoes worn: skechers
Last cd played: monica*s catch 22
Last item bought: carbonfiber hood for my g20
Last annoyance: he knows who he is.
Last disappointment: not going to that 240sx meet yesterday, grrr.
Last soda drank: i don*t drink soda, it gives you cancer
Last ice cream eaten: ben&jerrys
Last time scolded: eff that, you yell at me, i kick your ass 😉
Last shirt worn: hoodie. i*m
Last website visited:


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