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November 11, 2003

you know what i hate?
when you realize that someone you really really trusted turns out to be the piece of shit you suspected them to be all along…

November 10, 2003

i got some bad news today.
my friend ian franco got shot.
i always knew that it would happen… but i can*t believe that it actually did…


November 10, 2003

sexy huh?
what a beast!
she still looks so innocent… 😉
carbon + titanium = gooooood
yeah the car is filthy, but the exhaust isn*t!

November 7, 2003

my horoscope for today:
“All hail the burst of activity or return of momentum, and never mind what or who engendered it. Actually, liberating Uranus resumes its forward motion tomorrow, and you – and your interest, intensity and engagement in an outstanding project or long-term goal – could go from zero to 90 at a rate that would make a Maserati proud.”
it*s talking about my car. literally.
cause tomorrow my FMIC and full 3″ exhaust with HKS Carbon-Ti muffler are gonna be installed. and i can start buying car parts again since i have a job now (return of momemtum)
“me and my interest” duh me and my car!
“oustanding project or long term goal” makin my car all kinds of fast and pretty is my goal/project.
bah i*m happy. the future looks good for my baby 🙂

November 6, 2003

there was a big spider in my cube.
i started to have a panic attack.
then todd stopped by at that exact moment.
and he killed it for me.
my hero.

November 5, 2003

i *just* got off the phone with him. the police found his car. it was stripped, of course, but only of the wheels/tails/stereo etc. so he*s getting it back!
i am so happy for him!!!
and thank you to everyone who showed concern, it means a lot to me and to him.
ps: i know the club sucks but i only posted that i didn*t have one in the last post to show the complete and utter lack of security i have on my car… aka NONE. not even the shitty club. that was my point. i AM buying an alarm soon and i have a theft-prevention device already in place which is so easy, quick to do, and absolutely free 🙂

rip john*s car.

November 5, 2003

my friend john drives a del sol. it*s red. and it*s got white rims. it*s really cute.
he had it parked in front of my dorm for a week, and i*d say hi to it every day when i walked home from parking my car.
then it disappeared.
i figured he just parked it somewhere else.
he called me the other night to tell me the bad news.
it was stolen.
i*m so upset for him, he*s the sweeteeest guy and he totally didn*t deserve this and man i just feel so bad for him this sucks so much he*s pretty upset over it 😦
to make it worse– i*m petrified of leaving my car at school now. i don*t have an alarm. i don*t even have the club. i park in a garage behind one of the dorms that is patrolled by security every 10-15 minutes and has nine cameras… but john was parked on a very busy, very well lit street… and so now of course i*m paranoid as hell that my baby won*t be waiting for me one morning… i*ve come up with a short-term anti-theft solution which actually is really clever and should work really well godforbid something ever happens…
but this sucks. poor john 😦
if anyone in the philadelphia area sees a red del sol, white rims, and altezza lights (yes i know they suck but that*s not the issue here) with pa plates let me know!!

hook it up!

November 4, 2003

question: if you were to open an import performance shop, what would you call it?
please comment with your answers//suggestions… this is very important but at the moment i can*t say why. help!

November 3, 2003

what is it called when you do the reverse of a prank call?
like, when the person you*re pranking calls you to begin with and you never ever dial their number?
we have this guy that ALWAYS calls our room asking for this girl. thing is, the guy has a realllly thick accent (we found out last night he is from ghana) and i can*t understand him. he*s called about a dozen times. we always tell him “you have the wrong number!” but he keeps calling… so we decided to have some fun.
me: hello?
guy: hello can i speak to sdfkjsefbfe
me: yes?
guy: yes
me: hello?
guy: hello
me: yes?
me: hello?
guy: hello
me: yes?
this went on for a good 10 minutes. that*s the only thing i would say, hello or yes. so of course by this time i can*t keep a straight face, and i hand the phone to monica. she does the same hello-yes bit. he totally went along with it. then she had to put me back, and he was getting angry, and he said something like “don*t play with me motherfucker” but he was laughing r
eally hard and so i started screaming in the phone with my spanish-harlem accent that i can fake really well and started telling him about “how dare he use profanity with me and does he talk to his mother like that and he*s going to burn in eternal hellfire jesus christ our lord and saviour have mercy on his soul!” which is funny b/c 1) i don*t believe in religion at all and 2) my parents are jewish. LOL. but he started appologizing and like monica gets back on the phone and starts flirting with him haha it was crazy he was on the phone for like 40 minutes… and he called back later too! i don*t think this guy understands the concept of “you have the wrong number, jackass”
hehe oh well.
on another note, me and maddy smoked a bowl saturday night and had this conversation:
maddy: i wish magic was real
me: it is real, what about david blane?
maddy: i want to do david blane… he*d always have a new trick up his sleeve!
me: wtf?

November 3, 2003

i duno if i ever posted this but i think it*s pretty funny =P