today was good 🙂
i didn*t sleep last night which sucked cause it was the first night i had the place all to my self but i had woke up late so of course i couldn*t fall asleep even with five sleeping pills. bleh.
j got home from work 30 minutes early b/c there was zero traffic. that was really cool.
then j came over cause i haven*t seen him in forever and i miss him SOOOOO much!!!!
then jen called and i drove us down to southstreet and we all just walked around for a while and stuff. we went to pearl paints and me and jen went nuts while j just kinda looked at us like we were crazy 😉 well babe, we are. i got a cool set of pretty purpley-pink knitting needles (ironically they match my harley-davidson knife perfectly) and some yarn b/c i am really gay like that and i want a scarf. yeah.
we got pizza and icecream and i pimped those two bitches like dey were mah hizzoes.
i ❤ j
and i ❤ jen
then end!

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