weekend update

this weekend rrocked. uber-core.
friday night was very relaxing, very peacefull. went to bed early… 🙂
saturday morning i woke up real early and went with jesse to his job cause he wanted me to see what he did. i actually had a really good time. he*s such a sweetie, it*s a shame i can*t hang out with him more b/c his roommate and i don*t exactly get along and the roommate has a problem with me talking to mutual friends. whatever. fuck it.
came home, took a great nap, then pat drove down from new york. shitty situation that caused him to have to come down, but we had a great time. i showed him around the city, took him to pats & ginos for steaks, then to wawa cause he had never been. we sat outside and ate in the car because it was cold out and when we had to throw out our trash, rather than get out of the car and walk 5 feet to a trash can, we drove, pulled up next to it, and threw the trash out from inside the car. haha. we are the laziest people in the world.
then we went down to souffilly for some streetracing action, but it was dead b/c it*s xmas weeken
d and everyone*s gone… but i did see a really great p11 (2nd gen g20 for all of you not in the loop). so we came back to my apartment and spooned and watched movies all night and fell asleep. good times.
sunday morning pat decided we had to go to ihop. i had never been. so we mapquested and found one pretty close to where i live. but of course, i forgot the directions when we left. so i kinda bs*ed my way there and we found it without getting lost! and it was sooo good. i ❤ ihop. when i get rich, i*m gonna have an ihop and a wawa in my house.
today at work was great. i slept late and got in at the usual time b/c there was no traffic. my boss took me and the other women in my division to lunch… 2 and a half hour lunch 😉 then i left an hour and a half early. so technically i only worked 4 hours (if you can even call it that) but got paid for 8. sweet. should be the same tomorrow too.
so just before i went to go take a shower and as soon as i got in the fire alarms started going off so i was like fuck this and kept showering, took my time, got out, got dressed, and went outside to smoke a cigarette. as i*m walking down the stairs, i*m on my cellphone, and the firemen coming up were giving me suuuch dirty looks because i was like fuck this i took a shower and i*ma take my time. haha. bastids.
heads up to new yorkers: i*ll be home tomorrow night until sunday. hi
t up the cellaphone, y*all know the number.

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