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so i left work four hours early on tuesday because i just didn’t care. got home to new york relatively early… played with my iguana for hours. i missed her SO much…
tuesday night me and patrick and his friend went out to play scratch-off-lotto at exxon for an hour and a half. when we left i was up $30 dollars. woo. and i ran into some people i hadn’t seen in ages while i was there. pretty good night if ya ask me.
wednesday me and patrick roadtripped up to get a xmas present through this horrible rainstorm and every time id give the car some gas it would lose traction. sucked. oh well. the store i needed to get to closed at 3pm. i didn’t get there in time. but on the way up we found out they were staying open till 4. it was a christmas miracle. yeah fucking right. but either way, i got what i needed. and we got wendys. rock.
went to patrick’s later that night to watch some initial d. he has the tokyopop version which suck *horribly*. stupid american voiceover crap with really shitty translations and stupid gay rap music. ugh. i was angry. bunta so
unds like a cowboy. they call takumi tak and itsuki iggy. they call the r32 the “three two” and again, the music SUCKS. a big old disrespectful slap in initial d’s face from tokyo pop ladies and gentlemen…
thursday was gay christmas. i hate that holiday. seriously. slept most of the day. went to mikey’s later that night and fell asleep with him. he’s ultra-cuddle-able. he bought me a rose. i made him watch will and grace. i missed him.
friday ummm what happened friday… omg the Gmeet. haha.
i’m sure you all have seen my site g20nyc.com (and if you haven’t you better get crackin!) well we had our first NYCGs meet friday night. we met up in the parking lot of the bay terrace applebee’s (queens) and apparently some fucking punk ass kid thought it would be funny to walk behind my car while i’m driving and smack it with an umbrella. see the damage here it’s pretty bad and i was pretty upset 😦 but we wound up going to the top of the lowe’s cineplex parking garage cause it was empty and well lit and i had a really great time. a ton of people showed up, good to see the old & new faces. hamid came all quiet and parked and everyone was like “who is that?” then he popped his hood and they were all like daaaaamn son. hah. i’m glad he came though. it made it a lot more fun. a couple guys from importfanatix.com showe
d up and it was great meeting them as well. we were origionally supposed to go to applebee’s at 8 to eat but the IFX guys invited us to come crash their bi-weekly meet at the sage diner since it was that night as well and they had like 30-40 people… so we did. and it was great. honestly this is gonna sound really conceited of me but when we got there and i pulled up and popped my hood, there were a bajillion people around my baby ohh’ing and aah’ing. and it felt sooo good. dinner was great as well. i can’t wait to have another NYCGs/IFX meet! 😀
saturday i mostly slept and ran some errands. i needed to get my oil changed and i was planning on just driving back to philly early sunday morning and having firestone do it but hamid convinced me that if i came out saturday night he would open the shop and do it for me sunday morning. talk about an offer i couldn’t refuse! so we went out, saw some of the old crew, and i had a fuckin incredible time. my friend yogi who has a tt supra and this other guy who has a det s13 raced wangan style over some straight highway bridge thing in roslyn. the supra took it. lotsa fun.
sunday morning me and hamid went to ultima. i was absolutely useless as i only got like 3 hours of sleep and all i wanted to do was lay down. but we got a lot accomplished. changed the oil (i’m using full synthetic for the first time and i honestly feel a big difference) and we were gonna change t
he tranny but the effing guy never called me back so i didn’t get it *cries* took care of some rust spots on my exhaust from the welding, cleaned up the engine bay a little… more random things here and there. so then we pull the car out and hamid gets a hose and im like aww he’s gonna hose her down. nope. he washed the car. seriously hamid you gotta stop doing that, my baby’s gonna like you more than she likes me!! but she did look fantastic afterwards 🙂 even washed the engine bay. mmm clean shiny valve cover!
funny thing is, my mom stopped by (yes we’re finally on semi-speaking terms again) to say goodbye and she told hamid to make me come home to ny next weekend and i said whether or not i come home depends on the car… well… i’m driving in to work today and i punched it in fifth and i hear this gay sound and the car really didn’t go anywhere. fuck. my clutch is toast. i’ve had the stupid thing in my car for 5 months and it’s already shot. i guess this is why people hate ACT. but i <3’ed my clutch. it used to feel so good. oh well. anyway, my mother got her goddamn wish. i had mike order me a replacement clutch disc today and it should be in sometime this week (*crosses fingers* i hope he did actually order it and wasn’t just bs’ing like he does with everyone) and so yep, i get to go to ny this weekend because of my car. damn my mother. she always wins.

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