NYE & weekend update

New Years Eve: I wasn’t expecting to go to a party, but Jesse was having one at his apartment and Amy and John and everyone were gonna be there, so I went. and I wasn’t expecting to have a good time since I *hate* that goddamn holiday but I actually did. it was great seeing all of them again and I really enjoyed myself. (haha thats such a weird saying… did you “enjoy yourself?” eww) Got nice and drunkey-drunk. At midnight Tony and I ran downstairs to kiss our cars. haha. I figured I may as well kiss something I love if I can’t kiss someone 😀
So while we were outside, my cell phone rings, and it’s Takumi. he told me that he and some friends were in the area (Philly) and were lost and needed directions. so after me trying to figure out what the hell was going on and trying to get them to my apartment for a good 30 minutes, I *finally* realized that I was on three way calling with two different cars in two different locations. nice of them to tell me! I was so confused/aggravated before I figured that out b/c everytime I would give directions they’d sa
y they were somewhere else and it was hurting my drunk little head. but once we got that straightened out I was able to navigate them here. went back to the party, drank more alcohol. back to my apartment around 330am. we (takumi and three other people from dgtrials/ifx) were up till like 6am I was soo exhausted but man did I have a good night.
next morning we woke up and they wanted to go get steaks from pat’s and geno’s for breakfast so we drove down and I realize that all of centercity is blocked off from the mummer’s day parade. damnit. detour’ed around it. went to wawa then to get steaks. mmm steaks for breakfast w/a hangover. good stuff.
they all left philly around 4pm and I spent the rest of the day recouperating and cleaning the piss outta the apartment b/c it was absolutely *filthy*
Friday I woke up semi-early (noon) and drove up to new york. no complaints there. got home, picked up patrick, and went over to ultima. hamid was workin on this hatch that pretty much got a makeover that would be the car’s equivalent of a QUFTSG makeover… dayum.
picked up my new clutch. I can’t believe mike actually ordered it like he said he would…
Friday night, met up at Ultima (me, pat, hamid, his cousin, yogi and his boys) and we drove out east to hit up the races. there were a bunch of G20s out which confused the crap outta me, but none of them from G02.net… I walked over to this on
e and introduced myself to the guy and he knew of me b/c he had gotten all of his parts from JGY and JGY had told him about me and my car. haha. I’m famous.
but it was a really good night for racing. we had a lot of really good uninturrupted runs and it wasn’t too cold.
what’s funny is when we were driving home, we were coming off an offramp from the highway and were at a light waiting to make a left. yogi was in the lane to our right making the left as well, and when the light changed, i guess he gave it too much gas b/c the secondary turbo kicked in during the turn (tt supra) and kicked the ass out, resulting in him 180*ing right in front of us so that the cars were staring head to head. haha the look on his face was priceless, kinda a what-the-hell-just-happened type look? we all made sure to hassle him about it even though it wasn’t really his fault (damn turbos..) ‘hey yogi, wanna take the car out for a spin?’ haha
hrm so saturday I was supposed to get my car alarm installed, but the guy who was supposed to do it screwed me over royally (long story) and basically lied to me and hamid and I got reallllly pissed off and reeealllly angry b/c I could have just gone somewhere else and had it done so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the car and could actually sleep at night. but nope, that didn’t happen.
and I was so upset b/c I’m really worried about the clutch b
eing gay and that didn’t happen either (Hamid was too tired so I said screw it don’t bother, I’d feel bad making him do it) but I was so aggravated at all the crap that had fallen through that I just said fuck it and drove back to philly late saturday night. everyone who knows me well knows that when something really really upsets me I get very irrational and stubborn and do stupid things. like drive back to philly a day early. Hamid called me halfway not thinking I had seriously left and said he would do the clutch in the morning. Ooops. too late, I was always back in pa. but while I was driving I realized that I didn’t even spend 5 minutes with Spike because I was so busy running around and then being upset. and that made my even more upset. and I started hysterically crying b/c she is my baby girl and I miss her so much and all I wanted to do was play with her and snuggle her. she’s getting really old and I never see her and I want to spend as much time with her as possible. so that made me even more upset.
and I want to come back to NY this weekend so bad just to see her because I feel so guilty. but I don’t know if I can… *sigh*
so saturday night sucked b/c I got back to philly around midnight and spent the rest of the night in bed crying because I miss spike and because I was being such a brat. plus I can’t even use my cellphone charger b/c I left new york so quickly and forgot to bring it
back with me.
sunday morning I got woken up *really* early by Monica coming home from break. I missed her. but I was sneezing and crap and I feel a cold coming on. so after chillin all day, I went to bed early b/c I had work and b/c I didn’t feel well. well lucky me I get woken up by her and some guy in the room and couldn’t fall back asleep. seriously. uncool and a half.
and I still feel like butt and I can’t take time off from work if I do get sick b/c I can’t afford to miss a day.
my appologies to everyone that I was mean/rude/stubborn to on saturday. I blame the fact I’m an aries and I’m sorry.

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