i is happy!

i had a gooood weekend.
friday i left work, drove home to philly, packed my shit in a bag, and split to go to new york.
upon arriving at my apartment in philly however, there was a package for me from my stevey. he bought me the Nismo titanium shift knob *and* the worlds most comfortable Nismo hoodie!!! i ❤ steeeeeeeve!!! and i LOVE my presents. the knob looks fanfuckingtastical in my car, just i need to get a shortshifter so it doesn’t look retardedly huge. haha.
the drive up to new york was really easy. but right as i was about to get onto the nj turnpike off of route 1, my cellphone rings and its this guy damien from ifx calling to see if i was going to the sage diner meet that night. i was totally already on my way. but he didn’t have a ride. so i wound up going to pick him up from his shop since it was literally 5 minutes from where i was in jersey. offtopic: damn was he fuckin hot!! anyway, real nice guy, real cool to chill with. we drove up to queens together and got to sage around 930pm.
tons of people there as
usual. baby got the usual attention. i got a couple “‘im gonna steal that! i’m so jealous!” threats about the shiftknob and my hoodie. lol.
so we hung outside for about an hour… and it was freeeezing cold. like -10*F. painful. by the time we all went in the diner, my hands were literally frozen and i had to use my lighter to defrost myself. haha. i couldn’t find my gloves so i had used a pair of toesocks instead. didn’t work. oh well.
so the diner was fun. me and treyz hung out for a while. split there around midnight. drove back to my house for the first time all day. dropped my shit down, got in bed, and fell my ass asleep. mmm…sleep.
saturday i slept late woke up like 1pm and cuddled my baby (iguana) for a good 3-4 hours. i ❤ her. she’s so snuggly. i miss her crazy amounts already.
after i went to ultima but they closed early and it was completely desolate, so i went to pat’s house hoping he’d be there so i could borrow his cellphone charger (i haven’t charged my phone in a week and it was so dead it wouldn’t even turn on) but when i got there he wasn’t there. 5 minutes later though, he was. he heard my car three blocks away and came back to see me. hahaha. way for me to have a loud ass car.
so we hung out for a bit. later on treyz called me up it was frank from ifx’s suprise birthday party out in dix hills so i was like yo i’m so there. drove out there, chill
ed with da boys, had a few beers, all in all a good time.
later on hamid called he was out in deerpark checkin out the races but it was mad dead so i just met up with him at the hill and we drove to a diner to get dinner since i was only one town away. his cousin came with, i love that girl she’s fuckin awesome.
left the diner maybe 1245-1am… mikey called me and was waiting at my house to kidnap me when i got home. dropped off the car and went over to his place.
he insisted on watching sports while we cuddled (stupid boys, haha) so i just took a nap instead. i love cuddling with him, he’s soo snuggly. and he’s cute and gentle and sweet and i ❤ sleeping with him. real sleeping though. the comfortable passed out kind. it’s great.
slept late sunday morning… went and bought a friggen knithat so i won’t die of exposure while i walk to my car every morning… then drove back to philly. unpacked. chilled with monica for a bit, watched a movie, and finally, sweet sweet sleep b/c i had the best weekend but i was absolutely exhausted.
next ifx sage diner meet: two weeks. woo!

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