at the risk of sounding like an ass,
i *again* retract my previous lj entry. haha.
i went to the phipsi party with monica and greenshirt tonight…
**maddy** brian was there! he asked where you were!
it was a decent party. nothing amazing, but not horrible.
so me and greenshirt and brian split around 130…
me and greenshirt (okay everyone his real name is danny but the greenshirt thing is a long story so unless you were around for it, don’t try to understand it) decided to watch a movie so we grabbed a dvd and went down the hall to his apartment so we could watch it on an actual tv.
well, we get about 30 mins into the movie and my cellphone rings. by now it was 2am and i’m thinkin who the hell is calling me at this time…
i look at the cell phone…. damien.
i answered, and he’s like ‘hiii im drunk my friends are downstairs but i wanted to talk to youuu instead’ and i was like woo! i was a little drunk too so i was all like hiiiii
and yeah. he’s so pritty 😀
anyway, it’s 4:10am right now. we were on the phone for over two hours. i’m very happy right now…
and i feel like a complete ass.


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