yet another update…

saturday night, same routine. sittin around hangin out, havin a beer or two.
around 130am, damien calls… we talked for like half an hour and he said that him and some friends were gonna drive down to philly if i wanted them to. i was like uhh well i can’t tell you to come (they were like an hour and a half away) because i’d feel bad making him/them drive all that way, but i can’t say no because i do want to see him. and he’s like okay then i’ll decide for you, we’re coming down.
and they did.
they (damien and two of his friends) got here at like 4am.
we finally fell asleep at like 730am. 😉
woke up at 830am because one of his friends was supposed to go get a bumper from a junkyard for his car but the friend & monica hit it off and they wouldn’t wake up.
so i only got an hour of sleep.
later we went and got kfc for breakfast, haha, it was really good too, who woulda thought? the guy working there looked exactly like 50cent too…
they stayed till about 3pm sunday…
i proceeded to fall the hell a
sleep and i woke up at like 9pm sunday night. haha.
all in all, *fantastic* weekend… i’m really glad damien came down to visit…
who knows where things will go from here, i’m still all confused, but who cares anymore… 🙂


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