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February 27, 2004

anyone know if TA’s get paid?
i was walking back from parking my car after work yesterday and my old business professor from last year was walking down the street so i stopped to say hello to be nice and he was like where have you been!? and i was like i’ve been on co-op he’s like i’ve been trying to contact you forever! i want you to be a TA next term for me. i was like =O
very flattering. but i’m taking 19 credits next term. i’m going to call him in about a week and see what’s up, cause if it’s unpaid hell no but if i am compensated for my time either with pay or with a reduction of tuition, i’m going for it 🙂



February 25, 2004



please excuse the tape across the windshield it is holding the trim in place until the adhesive sets.
the place came to my job and did it in an hour so i didn’t have to take any time off of work. i am SO happy. baby looks fantastic, and it was 100% freeeeeee (i ❤ insurance!)

new car parts!

February 23, 2004


JIC Magic carbon fiber strut tower bar

Carbing rear strut tower bar

Nismo LM GT4 (I ordered them in a 4lug, silver)

New Jersey broke my windshield!


February 23, 2004

time for a weekend update… and caution, it’s gonna be BIG.
friday: started the day off by working a relatively short day (got in late, left early) and the weather was *gorgeous* so i had a great ride to/from.
got home, threw some stuff in a bag, and jetted up to jersey. i was about 5 miles from damien’s shop when he calls and says for me to hurry up b/c he is leaving and that i should just meet him at his house (down the road from the shop) so i was like okay i’ll just meet you there. well i’m merging onto 514 from us1 and he comes flying up behind me in his talon haha i almost merged right into him, so i downshifted, ripped past him, and gave him the finger out the window 😀 hahah. i was like ‘told you i was close, you shoulda waited for me.’
anyway. so we are driving up through jersey, and i pass this car, and all of a sudden damien starts yelling for me to slow down i’m like wtf why he’s like dude the guy in the car you just passed, his keys were in the door! (yes, his keys were still in the door lo
ck, hanging there, dangling, while driving. hahaha)a nd i’m like wtf no way so i slow down and yep, the keys were hangin there omg seriously, funniest thing ever. so i start honking and shit trying to get the guys attention and damien is screaming out the window at him but the guy is in his car freaking out looking all over for his keys (keep in mind we’re both doing like 80mph at the time) and panicing and finally he looks over and damien yells that his keys are in the door and the guy had this look on his face like he was the biggest loser in the world but seriously, it was SO funny, we were dying of laughter.
so. we get to the revred/ifx diner (sage is under renovation so we went to alex’s father’s diner) about an hour early. so this guy nick who is a friend of damiens had a ford festiva. we packed 7 people in a ford festiva with two (damien and phil) in the hatch. anyone who’s ever seen a festiva knows that the hatch is practically nonexistant. so we’re driving around howard beach with 7 people in the festiva, blasting spanish music, and bouncing up and down inside the car so the poor thing looked like it was practically on hydraulics. but oh man it was great. and it was doing burnouts b/c there were so many people in the back that the front tires couldn’t get traction we were acting like an ebrake. so we’re driving and laughing so hard that i was physically in pain and crying, and t
hat outkast song ‘heyya’ comes on and i’m like “shake it like a ford festiva!!!” cause we were trying to tip it over in the parkinglot before we went cruising. those cars are fun they are like big matchbox cars haha.
by the time we got done ‘cruising’ some more people had showed up at the diner, alex brought his rc s15 and was drifting it around the parking lot. it was purdy. he tried to drift around me and stan like we were jdm umbrella girls and it ran into my foot. ouch.
we had a ton of people show up for dinner it was a lot of fun. at one point i went outside to smoke a butt with some friends and we found a busted apc hubcap spinner on the curb so we picked it up and fixed it so it would spin again and gave it to nick (kid with the festiva) and he tied it to his hoodie strings and wore it like it was a piece of bling. funniest shit ever.
after dinner a bunch of guys from SR20DEep showed up… tons of b13s with dets and gtirs. it was awesome 😀
saturday: woke up around noon or so, went and got patrick, and met hamid at walter’s shop over in uniondale or something. installed the JIC carbonfiber front strut tower bar and the Carbing rear strut tower bar. they made such a different it is unbelievable. chassis flex is pretty much nonexistant, body roll is reduced, and turnin/cornering/general feel is 10x better. i am happy 😀
after the install hamid and pat and me we
nt to ihop. ate massively disgusting amounts of food. hamid and patrick ate spoonfulls of butter and drank maple syrup. it was entertaining to say the very least.
then we drove up to fizz and i ordered my wheels!!! silver 16″x7″ Nismo LM GT4s!!! they’ll be here sometime in april (i hope) yaaaay
went out racing later that night, too many cops to get any good action though. but it’s still fun driving around and chillin with everyone. so of course later my fatass gets hungry again and we go to mcdonalds and they gave us the wrong order so we got a TON more food than we shoulda and i was just like goddamn this weekend is kicking ass!
driving home (hamid let me drive his DET G20 b/c he was tired, haha you lazy boy) and this drunk driver almost ran me off the road. it sucked. but thankfully we had boost and were able to get past him real quick. i made hamid call it in to the police b/c the guy was all over the road it was scary as shit and i was worried he was going to hurt someone…
what’s weird is i got a phonecall from rob saturday night. he was mad at me that i haven’t called him and that i didn’t pick him up to come to an ifx meet (i didn’t think he really wanted to) and he was all angry and telling me i should come to nyc and party with him. rob is VERY rich. very VERY rich. partying with him is gonna be *fun*. but what’s weird is that in the whole year we were togethe
r, he never once invited me to come out with him and his friends. it was a straight up booty-call relationship with us. so i was stunned when he kept telling me to come to nyc and i was like ‘goddamn rob are you drunk?’ and he’s like “no but i miss you like crazy you’re an awesome girl i want to hang out with you and i want you to come out with me and my friends.” so yeah needless to say i was a little confused.
sunday: drove back to philly. on my way down i was on the belt pkwy and i see the hottest M5 ever in my rearview. white, lowered, widebody kit, rims. it was absolutely incredible. next thing i know, the kid has pulled up next to me (young asian guy) and motions to lower my window so i do and he’s like “hey i’ve seen your car online! it’s awesome!” and i’m like wow thaks! your m5 is pretty awesome too 😉 so he told me to go check ebay b/c he is selling a red g20 that he owns tooso i could get his email and we could talk… but i couldn’t find it. oh well 😦
then i’m driving through jersey and a rock hits my windshield and puts a nice big fucking crack in it (about 6 inches) which SUCKED but it’s all good b/c i have glass insurance and they will replace it for me (i hope) so i will have a nice new windshield free of those obnoxious little tiny chips. yaay.
so damien told me to call him when i was near his house in jersey… but i called and
he didn’t answer. about an hour later he calls me back and is like sorry bout that i was outside working on the car, where are you? but by then i was about 35 miles past his house and if i had turned around it woulda put me 70 miles outta my way so i just kept driving. damn. i woulda loved to chill with him… i realllly like him and it sucks so much b/c i honestly don’t think i have a snowball’s chance in hell. oh well.
and that is my weekend update. i will post pics of the rims, stbs, and windshield crack later.

to all the happy couples out there – fuck you

February 16, 2004

to all the happy couples out there – fuck you
yeah valentine’s day can suck my big ass. twice.
slept a lot on saturday. sat around doing absolutely lazy. then my friend steve and i came ot the conclusion that since his parents were away it would be a good idea to have a dgtrials/ifx anti-valentine’s day party at his house in jersey…
so he’s talking to damien and shit tellin him about the party and damien asked if i was going and i said i wasn’t sure and so he called me later to ask if i had decided yet and i said yes i was going to go but i hadn’t actually admitted it yet since it was kinda far and he’s like oh i want to go but i don’t think i’m going to b/c i don’t have a ride so i was trying to be nice and i was like okay do you want me to pick you up and he said yes and so i drove to edison.
so i drive to pick him up blah blah blah [begin stupid girly moment] he’s so cute. i ❤ his eyes. they are clear ice blue. i don’t know what it is about him, but when i’m around him, i just want to be near
him. something about him makes me want to snuggle him. and when he sings to me & plays guitar, i melt. [/end stupid girly moment] so we met up with some of his friends and had to go to pick up this stupid 16y/o girl that dan liked. anyway, pitstops done, on to the party.
i hadn’t eaten anything at all the whole day so i got really drunk pretty quick. at one point we decided it would be fun to try and run across steve’s pool which was covered in ice. yeah. it started cracking. i fell (i blamed the snow, but it was b/c i was drunk haha) and got a bruise on my knee. justin and me were play fighting (i love to playfight when i’m drunk) and he grabbed my arms and cracked my back realllly bad and i wound up in a heap on the floor for 1/2 an hour b/c i couldn’t move. shittay.
we left the party maybe 2am or so b/c i had to drive the 16y/o home. i had stopped drinking before then so i could sober up and was perfectly fine. i’d never drive drunk. so after dropping the girl and dan off, me and damien went back to his place at like 230am.
the whole drive back he was bein a jerk (not in a bad way, a jerk in the i’m-drunk-so-i’m-gonna-be-silly way), and i was joking back with him and i said something like ‘fuck you dude’ in response to something he had said and he’s like, ‘oh we will, all night. damnit i just said that outloud’ i couldn’t help but laugh and call him an ass
to which he responds ‘fine then you’re sleeping on the couch’ and i was like fuck that dude i’ll just go back to philly and he got all upset. aww.
anyway. so i’m changing for bed and he’s like what are you doing and i’m like um getting comfortable so i can sleep and he’s like why bother putting on clothes when you’re just going to wind up naked in two seconds anyway. my response? yeah, good point. haha. so there was much kissing, and much sex. reeallly good sex. wild drunken loud hot long sex. fun 😀 and after there was cuddling and spooning and sleeping. but he was snoreing b/c he didn’t feel well and so he slept but i didn’t. damnit. oh well.
we woke up at like 10am b/c he wanted to work on his motor but it was 12* outside so i said have fun i’m outta here and i left. came back to philly and slept the rest of the day.
things are still really confusing with him. i like him so much i reaaally do as much as i try to convince myself that i don’t. but i’m too scared to say anything to him b/c i’m scared of getting shot down… i suck at life 😦

February 15, 2004

friday i bought a JIC Magic carbon fiber strut tower brace. it set me back a lot of money, but it’s gonna be worth it… i got it from my friend who works at infinitipartsusa and he said “dude this bar is so gorgeous i’m considering buying a highport [highport infiniti g20, 91-93] just so i can get one of these for myself” haha i can’t wait for it to get here.

btw: does anyone know where i can get a set of 16″x7″ 114.3×4 silver Nismo LM GT4 rims? yes these have to be directly ordered from japan as the 4lug is not available in the states and if it is its only in 17×7.5 for the new sentra. thank u.

February 14, 2004

FUCK YOU to all those ‘happy couples’ you can all suck my fucking ass

February 13, 2004

so fucking depressed…
so fucking lonely…
also, i’m giving up on him. i know it’s not gonna work, so i may as well cut my losses now… oh well…

February 12, 2004

so this morning, i found what appears to have been used as my oil drain plug laying in the puddle of crap that used to be in my car. it was a tiny little bolt. i also found a trail of oil leading around the parking lot and up the block. god only knows how long it was leaking.
i’m thinking it must have stalled due to oil starvation. thank god it didn’t sieze.
this morning i was driving to work and i don’t know if it was just me being paranoid, but i could have sworn i heard my motor making very very bad noises. most likely my bearings. anyone want to place bets on how long it will be before i throw a rod?

my car hates me

February 11, 2004

i’ve finally acknowledged it.
my car has pms.
once a month, something breaks.
it’s always right on schedule too.
the car hasn’t broken in a month.
i go to start her this morning, everything’s fine… two seconds later, the car shudders and shuts off. now i’m thinking WTF was that all about? and i pop the hood and i go and check and i stepped in a HUGE puddle of oil…
uh oh.
get down under the car and i can’t see a damn thing b/c it’s all oil-y and my first reaction is okay, well, maybe the drain plug fell out (it seemed to be coming from the oil pan)
then i started thinking of other things it could be.
then i started crying.
then i asked my car why she hates me. no answer.
sucky thing was i had to wait almost TWO hours for a tow truck to go TWO blocks because i can’t push the car by myself and no one was around. shitty. plus i think i’m getting sick. that sucked.
so i got the car to firestone and came back and took a nap and called in sick to work (cause technically, i am sick i feel like
shit ran over twice) and firestone called me back and said that yes the drain plug was missing blah blah blah but they haven’t called back with a price or a finish time yet… *sigh*
and i’m kinda pissed b/c i was too lazy to change my oil this weekend so i brought it to the mechanic my parents go to and paid fucking $50 for full synthetic and fucking shit the drain plug wasn’t even tightened all the way i am SOOO angry
she hates me 😦