i need a weekend to recover from my weekend…
friday i left work early b/c i felt like it. nobody cares.
i was planning on driving up to new york early, but got stuck driving mon to the grocery store and consequently a shitload of traffic.
damien had mentioned that he wasn’t going to go to the ifx meet at sage because the weather was so horrible, and told him he was gay for bitching out, and he told me to stop by the shop on my way up anyway. so i did.
got there at like 7. i wound up not going to ifx and hanging out with him all night instead. we made out 😀 him and keith were trying to get me an ID so i could go to the bar with them, but i couldn’t b/c i had to get to new york to surprise my mother for her birthday.
wound up leaving jersey about midnight, back home in new york before one-am… mom was surprised as hell.
saturday i changed my oil and slept. cuddled my iguana all day, we took a nice long nap. i ❤ her and i miss her so much already. saturday night lia and maura and i took mom out to dinner for her birthday,
it was fun no complaints here.
sunday was the ifx newjersey meet which i had to attend due to the ifx boys demanding it… haha. so i left new york in the morning and drove down to edison but of course the directions sucked and i hate new jersey and i drove half an hour out of my way because i got lost. eventually i found the place, but i got lost in the park (menlo park) and i called damien to have him un-lost me and he’s like okay where are you what do you see and of course the genious that i am i say to him ‘i am by a dog’ yeah, way to go ainsley. i eventually found everyone, and the meet was *great*. a ton of cars showed up, a ton of people, it was a very good time (www.g20nyc.com/menlomeet for pics)
joel had bought me a red fighting fish and put it in a little pink tank with a nismo sticker on it, so i now have a fishy named nismo 😀 i’ll get pics of him soon, he’s uber-cool. i ❤ my nismo.
anyway, so we all went to a diner for dinner, and after i went back with damien to his place to hang out for a bit.
left there about 7pm, back home in philly by 8. unpacked, played with nismo, etc etc etc.
i’m still really confused about the situation with damien.
i like him SO much and it’s sooo hard for me when i’m around him to not just attack him and do naughty things. haha. but i resist.%
he called me friday night and saturday night after he had gotten home from the bar to say hello and goodnight. and up until now, i’ve always assumed that when a guy does that it’s a clearcut sign that he’s interested. but with him i’m not sure of anything.
and it sucks i feel really bad because at the meet i could tell joel was feeling something was in the air. and i do feel bad i really really do, but i can’t help it.
there’s just something about damien that makes me want to be around him… *sigh* hopefully i’ll see him soon, but i really doubt it 😦
stan made me a mod on ifx (www.importfanatix.com everyone go check it out and join the forum, best all around import board on the internet, period) and i feel very honored.
and now here i am at work ready for another week of me doing nothing and getting paid for it. haha.

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