my car hates me

i’ve finally acknowledged it.
my car has pms.
once a month, something breaks.
it’s always right on schedule too.
the car hasn’t broken in a month.
i go to start her this morning, everything’s fine… two seconds later, the car shudders and shuts off. now i’m thinking WTF was that all about? and i pop the hood and i go and check and i stepped in a HUGE puddle of oil…
uh oh.
get down under the car and i can’t see a damn thing b/c it’s all oil-y and my first reaction is okay, well, maybe the drain plug fell out (it seemed to be coming from the oil pan)
then i started thinking of other things it could be.
then i started crying.
then i asked my car why she hates me. no answer.
sucky thing was i had to wait almost TWO hours for a tow truck to go TWO blocks because i can’t push the car by myself and no one was around. shitty. plus i think i’m getting sick. that sucked.
so i got the car to firestone and came back and took a nap and called in sick to work (cause technically, i am sick i feel like
shit ran over twice) and firestone called me back and said that yes the drain plug was missing blah blah blah but they haven’t called back with a price or a finish time yet… *sigh*
and i’m kinda pissed b/c i was too lazy to change my oil this weekend so i brought it to the mechanic my parents go to and paid fucking $50 for full synthetic and fucking shit the drain plug wasn’t even tightened all the way i am SOOO angry
she hates me 😦

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