so a weekend that i thought was going to be painfully boring turned into something pretty damn fun. i am pleased. this was the first weekend in *months* where i haven’t had a bajillion plans and i was gettin worried that i wouldn’t know what to do since i had zero things to do…
friday: night me and monica got into a huge fucking fight because i am finally seeing what a fucking selfish and self-centered bitch she is. excuse-fucking-me for wanting to fucking sleep and asked her politely if she could go watch her movie in the livingroom at 1am *after* they had already woken me up. seriously is that too much to ask? well she refused and i bugged the fuck out on her because i am absolutely fucking sick of her shit. i mean what responsibility does she have? none. she skips a lot of her classes, gets drunk every night, sleeps all day, nothing. i gotta be up every day before the sun so i can drive an hour each way to work. and when i just want to rest and sleep it’s too much of an inconvenience for her? FUCK THAT. i was seriously *thisclose* to fuc
king stabbing the bitch, but i held back… kinda wish i hadn’t now.
i appologize to those i called and made listen to me bitch at like 2am. sorry guys.
saturday: well since i wasn’t allowed to sleep friday, i slept all day saturday. one b/c i was just seriously that tired, and two if i had been awake and had to see monica i woulda fucking killed her. she left around 7pm to go to yet another stupid party where she can get trashed and sleep with numerous random guys. wow that sounds like fun. NOT.
so i woke up at 7pm on friday… i’m sitting around thinking to myself, wow, this is gonna suck. i’m home alone, ain’t nobody in philly, ain’t shit to do… what a boring night i’m gonna have.
then i was talking to alex and he was home in maryland for the weekend and i *think* he said he was going out racing to find a skyline and i said something along the lines of ‘shit i’d like to see that’ and he said ‘well come down to maryland then’ or something i don’t remember the exact conversation but basically i was like sure why not i don’t have anything else to do…
so i kidnapped steve and we drove to maryland on the spur of the moment. got there maybe 1030pm? drove around for a bit, went down to check out the street races… it was fun cause we took alex’s dad’s cadillac since his car only fits two and he was worried about me bringing my illegal car down there. ho
w considerate! 🙂 but it was awesome cause we were pimpin that shizzle. found the skyline… a silver R32. it was sexxxxxy. i wanted to rub myself on it. i’d give anything for a R32. seriously. then we went and got some food at this diner and the waiter guy was really funny, he was all singing madonna songs and whatnot, definitly random. drove around, all in all it was a really fun night.
so we went back to alex’s and crashed. i kept waking up all night though so grr i didn’t get much rest but it was fine by me b/c i was having such a good time.
sunday: we woke up, and alex’s dad was making fun of my car because she was (was!!!) so dirty… i haven’t washed it in months. so we went to the carwash and alex washed my car for me (thank you honey that was so kind i really appreciate it… she looks wonderful) and apparently my windshield is leaking from when they replaced it (grrrr) but i don’t know if i should be mad at the guy or if it’s because of the small rust spot we found… oh well.
after the wash we drove over to the university of maryland to take some pictures of me and lex’s cars and they came out REALLY well but since my loser roommate has a habit of fucking shutting my computer off, i can’t access the pictures from work to post them. hey monica if you’re reading this stop fucking touching my stuff!!!!
hrmm after the wash and the photosho
ot we went to this place the korean korner where they sell all asian food and whatnot and i got some really cool JDM coffee-in-a-can initial d style. it was really good. got a bunch of other cool japanese foods and i am actually eating a japanese wheat cake for breakfast at the moment… *yum* after the jdm food we went to this brazilian food store and we got brazilian stuff (b/c alex is brazilian) and usually i refuse to try new foods i’m very very *very* picky but b/c he means so much to be i figured the least i could do was try it. and it was really good! i was very surprised 🙂
then we went to ikea and i bought really random things b/c ikea is the best store evAr. me and steve embarassed alex by playing on the stuff… haha then afterwards we went and drifted the shopping carts b/c they can go sideways. i got a cool video of it on my digi, but of course since my loser roommate likes to touch things that don’t belong to her, so i can’t post them…
after that, we drove down to DC b/c steve wanted to see all the monuments and stuff. at one point alex lost his shoe down a hole-type-thing. good aim nigga. i got some really funny pictures of him climbing on the statues but, i’ll blame monica again here. i also got some silly tourists to take a picture of me standing in front of the white house flipping it off, but it came out really blurry 😦 bonus: there was a ferrari just sitting on the street as we
were driving around…
drove back to philly i think we got home maybe 1030pm if i remember correctly…
as i was walking in to my building my cell rang and it was damien. i was really surprised considering i hadn’t heard from him all weekend. but he’s been calling more often lately for no particular reason which makes me happy. so we talked for a good hour or so. things are going well with his car, it’s finally running, and it’s running really strong. i’m so glad. he’s been *so* stressed lately… i’m really happy things are looking up for him.
so i had a fantastic weekend. i really wasn’t expecting it at all. the roadtrip was so random, seriously it was brought up and planned within two minutes flat. but i needed it. i needed to get away and just go out and have shitloads of fun. plus i am SOOO happy me and alex are friends again, i missed hanging out with him so much, he’s such an awesome guy. i’m so content right now. i fell asleep with a smile on my face last night, and that is the first time in a long ass time that has happened…
i will update with pictures and video when i get home and can actually access my files… and most likely i’ve forgotten to write a lot of what happened this weekend b/c we did so much and i had so much fun…
thanks lex 😉

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