so it’s wednesday…. i *thought* friday was going to be my last day of work, but apprently my job hasn’t gotten a co-op from drexel yet to fill my position, so that means i get to keep working here while taking an assload of classes… yay & grr.
classes start monday, but because drexhell sucks more dick that a fag in a dick sucking marathon competition, i don’t even know if i will be able to start…
i registered for classes back in february when i was supposed to. everyone who goes here will know how hard that is. you have to first find the classes you want to take and that are required to take and are allowed to take due to major restrictions and class requirements and whatnot. then you have to somehow get them to all fit in a schedule. then you have to spend another three hours doing that because i guarentee most if not all of the classes will be full. then you have to logon to the online registration site at the exact same time that every single other student on campus is trying to do the same thing, and battle downed webpages that hang for 20 minutes at a t
ime to try and register for those classes, ultimately being rejected b/c someone else beat you to it and you have to repeat the whole process about 5+ times.
so i managed to get a schedule and classes that i really liked. great. i was set.
a month later, i get an email from someone stating that the japanese course i had signed up for was moved due to a scheduling problem however it did not create a time conflict with any of the students who had registered for it. great. i’m still in the clear.
a week later, i get another email stating ‘oh yea, it conflicted for you, so you have two classes at the exact same time now’ so i was like um okay well what are the other times the class is available i will just move it and after some legwork i found none of the other available times fit into my schedule either.
so registration opens again today and i *should* be able to go and rearrange some things, but apparently i have a hold on my fucking records which i just found out THREE DAYS AGO because drexel fucking sucks. they’ve known since september and just now told me, so i can’t fucking change anything in my schedule let alone access it and i am kinda freaking out b/c classes start monday and i am fucked.
but on a better note, me and lex hung out last night and we build a killer webpage for him and woo it was fun i am a nerd. bigtime.


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