so tomorrow’s the beginning of beaverun…
i’m really looking forward to it. however, there is one reason that i am dreading going. i really really don’t want to go b/c of this reason. and i’m sure as hell not going to tell anyone b/c talking about it upsets the hell outta me.
but on another note… coilovers are nice. lex is teaching me nihongo. hai, watashi wa biiru ga nomimasu. genki desu. 😀 and he got me a bangin external zip drive. bestphillyfriend evAr!!
and apparently i’m getting a laptop from my job so that i can work from home since i’m not leaving.. oh well.
i’m so fucking sick of being retardedly busy. i never have a free minute to myself. all this shit with drexel is driving me nuts. and the other drama(s). i kinda wish i could go back in time and not answer my cellphone that day… that would fix everything.

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