BeaveRun Drift Riot 2004

holy fuck.
absofuckingloutely amazing.
i pity those who didn’t go.
friday: i got in to work a little late, nobody cared. and by a little late i mean an hour and a half. i spent the day tying up loose ends and packing the crap in my office. my boss and everyone took me out to a 2.5hour lunch complements of the unisys corporate expense account. \m/ rock. they got me little presents too since it was my ‘last official full-time day’ and a $50 amex gift card because ‘we wanted to get you something for your car but figured you’d be able to pick what you wanted better than us’ how sweet is that?? i ā¤ my jobby. and they’re giving me a laptop so i can work from home because they want to keep me on part time, which means paycheckkksssss yaay.
i left work at 2pm, got back to philly, threw some clothes in a bag, and headed out for beaverun. i was supposed to meet up with justin and dimitry and his friend danny at the king of prussia rest area but i got onto the pa turnpike after them and we were tryin to figure out where i wa
s and i was like dude i swear i am ahead of you, and they’re like no keep driving you’ll see us. turns out i was right and i was like 30 miles past them, so i had to drive like 45mph on the highway so they could catch up. i got passed by a prius like i was standing still. that’s not good for the ego šŸ˜¦
so eventually they caught up to me on the highway somewhere in pennsyltucky. the air smelled like cows. it was weird. very weird. i saw an amish horse and buggy on the service road. i thought i was going to get serial killed. eventually we caught up to the other guys in the caravan as well, and drove out in a big group with them. one of the guys’ truck (mo) broke down though, so that really sucked šŸ˜¦ all in all it was a great drive, i had a blast. got out to the hotel around 1030pm, checked in to my room, met up with everyone, had a few beers, relaxed, partied, had a great time. damien was being a jerk, apparently he got pissy with me because he ‘was trying to say hello for 5 minutes’ and i was ignoring him. uh no, i just didn’t see him and i really don’t give a shit anyway. whatever. he sucks. fuck it.
so jay and his friends came down from buffalo, it was so great seein him. he’s an awesome guy <3<3<3 mad people crashed in our room, we were up alllll night laughin and partyin and havin a good time. it was great. king suite what what! we had like 6 guys in the room, four on the floor and me and
jay and joel in the bed. spoooooning. šŸ˜€
saturday: woke up waaaay too early to dave’s obnoxious ass cell phone going ‘hello, hello, hello, hello…’ i wanted to shoot it. drove down to beaverun motorsports complex to begin the day. man it was a blast. tons of cars, tons of friends, tons of fun. i had such a great time. i can’t even begin to describe it.
for pictures:
our boy anthony did incerdible. he took third in the competition. he’s 17. and he drives with an open diff. the boy is amazing. i’m so proud of him.
i met a lot of new people i had been talkin to on the forum, and of course, they were all wonderful.
after the event we all went out to dinner. that was a blast too, we owned that place. it was crazy.
came back to the hotel, had a few more beers, partied a lot more, watched some videos from the event, looked at pics, and passed the hell out b/c we were all so exhausted.
sunday: drove back… caravan’ed with all the ny guys. i went about 75miles outta my way driving with them, but it was really worth it.
so we stopped at cracker barrel for lunch and there was this amaaaaazingly gorgeous white sileighty w/kouki tails and a cf hood that i parked next to. he had competed at beaverun and i was just so impressed with the car. turns out it was this car that was on the forum a week ago and was absolute shit, i cou
ldn’t believe what he had done in a week. he was really sweet šŸ™‚
so there was also this car competing at beaverun, this red s13 with a blue front bumper, and the guy was reaaallllly fucking good, and i was like damn impressed. so we’re at the barrel and the car was there and this reealllly cute guy walks up to me and is like ‘hey are you ainsley’ and i’m like yeah who are you and he’s like ‘it’s erik from dg’ and i’m like uhh erik from florida who hooked me up with my coilovers? and he’s like ‘yeah i drove up for the event’ (erik is the president of dgtrials) and i was like omggg hiiiiii šŸ˜€ it was so totally random. but yeah he’s a cutie. sucks he lives in fucking florida!! grr. o well.
so yeah, the drive back was fun, like 30 cars caravn’ing. jay gave me his radar detector (thanks jay!) which saved my ass a bunch of times. got home around 8pm…
met the new roomie, she’s pretty damn chill, i think i’ll be able to live with this girl. it was great to see maddy, i’m SO glad she’s back and i’m so glad she’s my roomie *fart* šŸ˜€ she got me an awesome hat from london, the same one joey from friends bought when they went there for ross & emily’s wedding. yep, the huge dr. suess hat with a huge british flag on it. it’s hardcore. thanks maddy!!!
monday/today: first day of classes. slept till 1030am woo first time i’ve done that
in like six months. literally. woke up, talked to erik for a bit he’s comin to DOW on wednesday yaaaay then got dressed and went to class. my communications class is gonna be easy as shit cause i had the professor for humanities last year. my nihongo professor is this awesome little asian woman. it’s gonna be hard but i think i can manage, it’ll be fun. thanks to lex for teachin me some stuff and giving me a headstart, i did well today. went to staples with erin (the new roomie) and i picked up this bangin printer for like $110 because my old printer was very homosexual. it does all this crazy stuff and it has lots of buttons. it made me happy.
tomorrow i’ve got two classes, business and economics. lame. boring. whatever, should be easy.
i can’t wait for drift out wednesday… woot!
and now, a recap of memorable quotes/events from this weekend that you won’t understand unless you were there:
you’re an asshole, you’ve changed
all aboard the ainsley express, woo woo!!!
hawhat?! hokay!! yeah!!!
goatboy, mmm gyros
all hail the RAD IFX eggggggg!
one thirty one!!
wtf is karN?
steve crying from the drift bible
nick getting absolutely shitfaced at the steakhouse that doesn’t serve dinner
jairo bustin his ass on the bed
getting death threats and being harassed by truckers
ifx owning the
beaverun police
darth maul
goatlovers and gyros
rj humping everyone in the bed with me
raj: holy shit there are like 12 sausages in this room, allright half y’all sausages gotta leave
fuckn arbor day man, plant a tree
Jairodrunken rage in room 104: IF i can’t sleep no one sleeps(kicks sal in the back) wake up bitches (turns to me) fuck you looking at? Is it me or do you have two heads (guys voice) nah its me
Jairodrunken rage in room 104: me who?
jay: I’m the dude from BUFFALLO
Jairodrunken rage in room 104: another bufflo dude
jay: what there were other in this bed too?
johneil blowing his turbo šŸ˜¦
phil riding a box down the hill at the barrel
red bull addictions
me busting open the door on joel while he was in the shower to laugh at him and instead having him standing buck naked in the middle of the bathroom just as justin walks in and gets blinded by him hahaha
and so much more…


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