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April 30, 2004

so i’ve been back from virginia beach for almost a week now and i still haven’t updated lj about it… and so now i’m sitting at work, bored as crap, and this looks to be as good a time as any to do so. so let’s begin.
i had told work i was going out of state so i didn’t have to go in to the office. told my communications professor i had to go ‘out of state’ on ‘family’ business so i didn’t have to go to class and take a test. \m/ woke up at like 730am because the guys were supposed to be meeting me in philly around then. we were caravan’ing six cars from ny/nj/pa/ct down to vabeach. called dave and they said they were still in jersey. so i went back to sleep. but i woke up every thirty minutes to check on their progress. i wound up not sleeping at all but i could have slept till like 10am grr. oh well. so the guys got here and me and erin threw our stuff in my car, and headed off to virginia beach!
now, for those of you not in the loop, a bunch of east-coast members from and rented an 8bedroom beachhouse in virginia beach, right ON the beach. how bada
ss is that?
so anyway. we all drove down. me and erin in my car, dave and erik, bernie, andre and his friend john, dan, and adam. it was a real easy drive down, but i kept falling asleep while driving which really sucked. i got a sunburn on my left arm from driving. haha. i’m lame. my car was amazing the whole way down, she didn’t act up once, what a good girl. we had to take this 17.5 mile long bridge-tunnel-bridge-tunnel-bridge to get to vabeach that we got some 130+mph runs in… that was awesome. the vew was fantastic. water and beaches and nothingness as far as you could see.
so we got to the house maybe around 530pm, met up with a bunch of the other guys that were already there (martin, alex, josh) and got settled in. we then proceeded to wash cars. more people showed up. we had about 12 G20s crammed into this little parking-for-8 driveway. it was great. we hung out had some beers watched chappelle’s show and then it rained. so much for the washing and waxing we’d done. lol. it was really great meeting all the new people.
later that night me and andre decided to order pizza but they wouldn’t deliver since nobody had a local phone number so we decided to go try and ‘find’ it. not a good move on our parts as we’d never ever been to vabeach before. i wound up getting a phone call from this girlie sarah who owns a p10 and lives in vabeach and who is fucking awesome as hell (sarah i love you!%
21!) and she helped us find pizza. it turned out it was right across the street from where we were staying, but it took us over an hour to find it. haha. smrt.
back to the house for some midnight ocean-swimming. it was funnn. but cold. so i didn’t go in. haha. hamid came down and got there around 430am i felt so bad for him bernie was supposed to wait and drive down w/him but he didn’t and so hamid had to drive the whole trip by himself late at night. but he arrived, safely, and that’s all that matters. i think i went to sleep around 530am? i don’t really remember. all i know is that me and erin and bernie were splittin the king bed in the master suite. sweet. haha.
saturday morning we woke up and drove to ihop for breakfast. now picture this, about a dozen or so cars owning the highway. and they’re all G20s. and three are turbo. and they’re all lookin great. now picture them rolling across four lanes, three deep. yeah. it was awesome. all the other cars on the road the drivers were like wtffff we got some awesome video though ( click gallery, then vabeach3(cars)). vabeach highway = Pwn3d.
we got there and did a photoshoot in the parking lot. that too got owned. we had a huge line of G20s just sitting and lookin pretty. it was great. so weird having so many members in one place from all over the east coast…
( gallery, vabeach1(cars)
anyway. after breakfast/photos/owninghighways we went back to the house and hung out on the beach for a few hours. there was a kayak in the backyard of our house that got abused. there was some attempting to play frisbee. it was good. we had our own private-ish beach too since the house wasn’t located in the touristy area it was nice and quiet and perfect.
after the beach we did some barbequeing, then down to ‘the strip’ to go gokarting. some guys bitched out and didn’t wanna go so it was only a few of us. but it was fun. i love gokarting, and this track was great, they had a bunch of different tracks all with really good turns. i drifted mine :p
after the karting, erin wanted to go get peirced, but the guys wanted to go back to the house and get all the cars together so we could cruise the strip. so me and erin went with our tour-guide sarah who showed us around. erin got stuck twice, and she was a real trooper. not too much complaining 😉 afterwards i decided we needed a cheesy souvenir from vabeach so we went to one of those old-time-photo places and got dressed up as bar sluts. whee! there is a picture on the site, go to gallery, then vabeach2(people). the guys wound up coming down later but apprently cruising the strip is illegal (so is cursing on the street, fothermucker!!) so we just walked around and called it quits.
back to the ho
use. more beer, more pizza, more sleeping. i took a nap on the couch b/c i was just so damn exhausted and when i woke up my back was all kinds of hurting so i got one of the guys to give me an hour long backrub. whee! sleep around 5am.
sunday sucked, cause the vacation was over 😦 we packed our stuff, straightened up the house, headed down for breakfast at wawa, and said our goodbyes…
it was sad leaving everyone because i had such a great time… but we are going to do this meet again next year. i can’t wait 🙂
so that was vabeach in a nutshell. nothing big has happened since then. both of my sharks died 😦 i was sad. i think it was because they were anorexic, they wouldn’t eat. stupid wallmart selling sick fishies. i feel so bad for them, poor brian fellows and killer. you will both be missed…
i’m not too sure what’s going on this weekend. there is an ifx meet going on tonight in brooklyn but i don’t know if i feel like driving up to ny. i am going to englishtown tomorrow so if i stay on this side of the verrazanno i save $8 in tolls. hrmm. what’s a girl to do… most likely i will leave work in 20 minutes, drive back to philly, go to class, go back to the apt, take a nap, wake up around 6-7pm, and decide then. haha.
but anyway, for pictures from virginia beach then click on gallery and there will be three p
ages of pictures of cars/people/videos. enjoy.


April 22, 2004

uhh so today me and the roomies went to walmart and i bought a small fish tank for $10 and two fish.
except they’re not fish.
they are small sharks.
one is black with a red tail and fins and is slightly retarded, so i named him Brian Fellow. ala saturday night live Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet. the other one is silver with black tipped fins and every time he takes a breath in, his whole body twitches. he is nuts. i named him Killer.

the ink.

April 21, 2004

the aforementioned tattoo…
turbo tattoo
the universal symbol for ‘turbo’ with intake on the left and exhaust on the right.
what do you think?

20 sucks so far.

April 21, 2004

more updates, as usual… my entries are getting further and further apart as my free time gets less and less… blah.
once more i shall pull out my day planner so that i can remember what my past few days have been like…
thursday: i met this guy at lex’s phillydsm meet who is really chill, and we went to atco after i got done taking my econ midterm so he could get some times on his tsi before the dsm shootout at englishtown this weekend. i had a nice time, it was test&tune but there were a lot of sick muscle cars and drag cars. chris shredded his powersteering belt though, that sucked. my friend chad came down with his 350z i hadn’t seen him in ages. all in all, a good day.
friday: up to new york as usual for the ifx biweekly meet in brooklyn. met up with phil on the turnpike, and i ran into a friend on the belt. well, not literally, but almost. we were coming off of the verrazano onto the belt and i notice about 500 feet up some p10 taillights. and yes, it was dark as hell outside. i can spot these things from a mile away. so i downshift and ro
mp on the throttle and fly up behind this poor guy to get a look at the car. as i get close, i realize its a burgundy p10 with a touring spoiler. closer still, and now i see it’s got a primera badge on the left. it’s miiiiikeeee!!! i had *completely* forgotten he said he was gonna come, and it was so funny running into him on the highway like that. so i move into the center lane and pull up next to him and get on the gas a bit so he hears my blowoff, looks over, and was like hey! and i was like hey! and it was good. 😀 so we went to ceasars bay for the meet, it was great as usual. a ton of cars showed up, including a gold s14 with an rb25 in it. *yum* so uhh, a lot of people came, it was great seein everyone as usual. hamid gave me the most beautiful red powdercoated det valve cover ever, i didn’t know what to say, i was so moved… it meant so much to me. it is beautiful. thank you hon.
saturday: my 20th birthday. woo. sarcasm. slept late, woke up, and decided to go get a new tattoo. i had gotten bored on wednesday night at like 4am and was doodling and came up with something i really really wanted. it’s a turbo. i am cheesy. so i got it done spur-of-the-moment. i went to this place twin moons, and the guy who did my work was so good! it took him about an hour and 45 mins to complete the piece once we had spent a good solid two hours drawing and finalizing the design. at one point i
actually fell asleep laying on the table, so if anyone asks ‘did it hurt?’, there’s your answer 😉 it came out great and i am really happy with it. shitty part was driving home… i forgot that whenever i engage the clutch it pushes me against the seat. i challenge everyone reading this to try and drive your car, esp a manual, without ever letting your lower back touch the seat. it’s hard as hell.
went out to dinner with the fam later that night. funny how it took a divorce to bring my family together… my parents were like ‘well, since we sold the house and have a little bit more cash than usual, we want to get you something special. here is a blank check, go buy yourself a set of cams’ i was in shockkkkk holy crap i am so happy whee i get cams! but i can’t decide between the JWT’s S3s or C1s… the C1s have more lift and duration, but require the use of titanium valve springs and retainers, which are an extra $500, which means i have to save before i can get them and install the cams… i duno. i need to think on this more.
sunday: went over to hamids and swapped the valve covers so now i have the pretty new one, as well as a b&m short shifter from my good friend chris. makes driving a lot more fun and there’s no more crappy play in the shifter. whee! then we spent a few hours washing, claybar’ing, and waxing our cars… i’ve never seen my girl so clean. evAr. the cl
aybar made such a huge difference, her paint feels like glass and as as shiny as a mirror. i ❤ my baby!!!
there was an ifx meet at menlo park in jersey but i didn’t go because of certain reasons which if you know me you will know what i am talking about. i went to visit sharon at rutgers instead 🙂
monday: woke up early and drove lex out to bumblefuck pennsyltucky so he could drop off his car to get a clutch done. on the way out there i noticed my oil pressure, while at 3000rpm, was at 2.0 bar instead of the usual 3.5bar. got me a little nervous, i’m real concerned. so on the way back, my wheel bearing starts making noise too. wtfffffff. so i dropped the car off at firestone since i am so busy with class and work and told them to change the wheel bearing and gimme full synthetic as well, and i get a call from them later asking ‘have you hit any really bad potholes lately?’ i was like uhhh yeah. they were like ‘there is a ton of damage, a lot of parts need to be replaced. wheel bearing, upper link, knuckle, ball joint, alignment, etc etc… the estimate is $1200′ im like fuckin’ a that fucking sucks but what can i do? nothing. so i told them to fix what needed fixing… man i was so upset i spent the whole day crying. never made it to my communications class either… oh well.
tuesday: went to class, couldn’t focus on anything because i was concerne
d about my car. they said it may need a hub too, and that had been sent to the machine shop. if it needed a hub it wouldn’t be done until friday… i was freaking out because i needed to get to work the next day (today) and vabeach on friday for the east coast meet… luckily they called me back later and said it didn’t need a hub and it would be ready by 530. i was soooo happy to see her. they hooked me up with an ill $250 discount too, so i only paid about $900 😀 took her out for a drive, everything feels fine, oil pressure was normal, i was happy.
wednesday (today): woke up at 6am, got dressed, and walked to my car to drive to work. on the way here, i notice that the oil pressure is back at 2.0bar… i’m starting to worry. it’s probably the pump. if it is i will need to get it fixed before friday so i can drive to virginia. i’m so sick of shit breaking, i feel so bad for my poor girl, she’s 11 years old and i think she’s starting to feel it… 😦 oh well. but i am at work now, leaving in an hour so i can make it to my classes, then i have to drive alex back to pick up his car. everyone cross your fingers that my baby is okay…

April 14, 2004

ainsley127: haha so i’m talking to my friend and he’s like ‘you’re gonna b 20 this weekend’
ainsley127: and im like holy crap. i am a honda motor 😀
Cracka 57: congrats on crv swap
hehe. 20 is great. SR20, RB20, B20… G20!!!

April 13, 2004

as per lex’s request, a non-friends-only lj update 😉
so where did i leave off? shit, april 6th. that’s a lot of updating i’ve got to do. grab a chair fellas, it’s gonna be a long ride, er, read… not really.
so hrm. things have been going well. very busy, but well. my japanese class is awesome, i’m learning a lot and progressing decently. i can say things now that would previously have hurt my head to even comprehend. my business professor loves me because i am the only person in the class that watches the apprentice. my economics class is painfully easy, my professor doesn’t speak english though so it puts me to sleep. and communications i am kicking ass in becasue, again, the professor loves me (had him last year). midterms are coming up and i am feeling confident. i’ve been doing my papers on time and producing quality work. i’ve been being responsible. no procrastinating. i’m still working from home part time too, to add to the business. i live by my day-planner. it’s sad, but without it, i’d lose track of everything…
friday was grocery s
hopping day. me and maddy and erin went to walmart and went a little overboard buying the $5 dvds and whatnot. then we played with toy cars. then i found hula-hoops. but i couldn’t do it. so i found bicycle tires, and used those as hula-hoops instead…. yea. i’m confused too.
i got lotsa food at the grocery store. it’s so much fun there if you’re in the right mindset. alex came down and proceeded to make me feel like crapola because he hates it when i like to have fun in public. oh well, sorry hon.
saturday the 10th i went to a phillydsm meet with my boo lex 🙂 i had so much fun. alex thank you for inviting me. my mustang-grrl roommate came with, it was her 20th birthday. happy half-40 erin! so it was a great meet, huge turnout, lotsa pretty dsmies. they did a bbq. omgg it was great. i ❤ food 😀 but it was in this state park, nockamixon or somethin, and it was gorgeous!! i ❤ pennsyltucky. so yeah, sorry, random stuff there. a few of my friends showed up, adam, rob, good to see them. i had a great time, met a bunch of really nice new people. goin to atco thursday with this one guy chris, he is a sweetie.
on the ride home we hit this long straight stretch of clear highway and i did a couple 100+mph runs. it was unbelievable. i’ve never opened my car up anything past 85mph on the highway before because i am petrified of cops, but, well, i duno. i just did. and it was amaaaaazing. my car wen
t from 60 to 115mph in like two seconds flat, and kept pulling. only reason i slowed down was so the group could catch back up (car-avan’ing). i am addicted. i want more. i want to go fast. i want my turbo to spool so loud it sounds like a truck. which it does, past 4500rpm.
sunday i mostly slept. well, slept 14 hours. it was great. oh man i needed that. sat around, wrote a few papers, did a lot of nothing. what a nice weekend.
i’ve been real busy this week and it’s only tuesday. but i don’t have a free second to myself… example you ask? sure!
tomorrow, i’ve got a presentation and a paper due in communications. then work-from-home.
thursday, i’ve got my economics midterm which is gonna suck till 5pm, then atco with chris 😀
friday, drive up to ny for the ifx brooklyn meet, not stopping in jersey, avoiding you-know-who at all costs now. i am too much of a wuss to talk to him about it so i have given up entirely. that’ll go till prolly 1am, maybe i’ll swing by the bar and visit dan, then a long drive to my mom’s new apartment in westbury.
saturday. my birthday. the dreaded 2-0. hopefully i’ll go see motown. hopefully it will rain like it has done on my birthday every year since i was born. hopefully i won’t end up crying this year, unlike the past 19.
sunday, menlo meet in jersey, but i don’t think i am going to go, for the aforementioned-avoiding-new-jersey
next monday, more work, more papers, more crap.
next tuesday, appointment at the cdc, business board room presentation is due.
next thursday, business midterm, huge econ project
next friday saturday and sunday (23-25) VIRGINIA BEACH MEET!!! WOO!!!!
after that, a brief sample of my schedule…
april 29th, head down to DC to visit jonny, then back here, maybe an ifx meet friday, and japanese midterm saturday.
weekend after that, bouncing souls/avail show w/lex steve and matt
weekend after that, either ifx meet, drift out friday, and mazda rev it up, OR carlisle, haven’t decided which yet.
weekend after that, SEMA in atlantic shitty!!!
weekend after that, NOTHING!!! ifx brooklyn meet and sleeeeeeep
weekend after that, finals finals finals
then, maybe i will go to florida for a few days to visit someone 😉 we shall see.
then, i move to my new place.
then classes start.
i need a vacation from vacations. *sigh*.

April 13, 2004

i eat pink pez for dinner.

April 6, 2004

my appologies for my entires being few and far between, i’ve been real busy lately with school and work and carstuff.
so friday night i drove up to brooklyn for the ifx biweekly meet. didn’t stop in jersey for a change… the meet was really good, we had a ton of people show up (for pics: go there) i had a great time as always. i ❤ my boys. they’re wonderful. it was freezing cold and raining and sucky, but nobody cared. my friend bernie’s roommate val let me drive his tt 300zx and wow i really wasn’t expecting it to be that vicious. 😀
so after the meet i drove out to westbury to my mom’s new apartment and help her put together some furniture. it’s a nice place, small, but it’s all she needs. she did well for herself.
saturday i went over hamid’s and he did my suspension for me. i had known my brakes were bad for about six months now, but never really gave a shit about it. turns out my pads were practically nonexistant, so we replaced them on all four corners as well as p
utting on my braided steel lines. let’s just say it’s nice to have a car that can stop and that you don’t feel like you’re playing braking-russian-roulette anymore… 🙂 the suspension feels awesome too. it’s real stiff but handles amazing. i ❤ coilovers. thanks hamid!!
after, drove down to see my father’s apartment. it’s decent as well. i’m happy for the both of them. we went out to dinner and it’s nice not having all that stress and tension anymore. funny how it took a divorce to bring our family together…
spent saturday night putting together more furniture for mom and helping her get settled into the new place… boring, but she needed my help.
sunday morning i woke up early as shit to go to englishtown for the toyo tires import survival series 2 but it was raining and crappy so i was just like screw it im gonna go back to bed. woke up a few hours later, packed my shizzle, and headed down to englishtown. got there about 1pm. my new mustang-chickie roommate erin (she’s great) was showing her ‘stang so i figured i’d show the G with her new suspension as well. well, englishtown sucks. this is TWICE they’ve ‘lost’ my entry b/c they can’t figure the hell out what class i’m supposed to be in. ‘ohh it’s an infiniti but it’s got a nissan grill, what do we do?? where does it go?? derrrr’ fuckin lamers. oh well. it was pouring rain the whole time
anyway so it’s not like it was that great of a show.
got back to philly, uh, and now it’s tuesday?


April 2, 2004

so let’s see, where did i leave off… beaverun? i think. i forgot to mention that on the way out there in lancaster/pennsyltucky we stopped at a reststop and there was a trailer of horses from kentucky and the guy let me play with them and there were a bunch of foals and woo i ❤ ponies 😀 i miss my mo.
uhhh so the week’s been going well,
classes are all right.
my communications class is easy as shit, i had the same professor last year for humanities and he loved me so it’s all good. japanese class is gonna be hard, but worth it. apparently i have a better accent/pronunciation than anyone else in the class, and i’m the only non-asian. go figure. business seems easy enough so far, i tried to participate the first lecture so the teacher likes me… my econ class sucks. the prof can barely speak english and puts me to sleep but hey that’s why they invented textbooks…
me and erin (the new roomie) went to staples on monday to get some stuff, and like, i remote started my car from 3 blocks away so it’d be ready to go w
hen we get to the garage, and all of a sudden my cellphone rings, and it’s my friend john and he’s like omg where are you i’m like uhh walking towards the garage why he’s like i was in the garage just now and walked by your car and it started out of nowhere and holy shit it scared the crap out of me and i was like haha yeah! remote start blitch! 😀
uh, went to DOW on wednesday, had a reallly good time.
had an altercation in jersey involving the police though.
fuckin i went to the bp i always go to to get gas, and i tell the guy ‘fill it up, 93 please’ and the fucking loser fills my whole tank with fucking 87!!! i haven’t put 87 in my car in like two friggen years!! so i was like dude i can’t run my car on 87 it’s gonna mess it up i need the 93 and the fucking towelhead starts screaming at me in arabic or something and i’m like what the fuck!! so he starts screaming at me about how i have to pay for the 87 and i’m like no fucking way i need 93 i fucking didn’t ask for 87 you piece of shit fucking syphon it out and give me what i fucking asked for and it got pretty ugly, really ugly actually. he called the cops. they came down. they told the asshole to shut the fuck up, took my side, made a police report so i can prove they caused it if anything should happen to my car (ping, knock, bye bye motor) and were really nice. fuckin a man, i was so fucking pissed. it was baaaaad. i don’t get angry easily, but mess with my car and i lose it. i wound up almost punching the guy in the face (my friends were holdin me back) and driving to get some octane booster. no problems yet *crosses fingers*
but DOW was really good. i had a great time. lotsa people there. erik was there yaay he was bein all snuggly and cute. stupid geography. stupid him living in florida 😦 i duno when he’ll be back up this way. sucky. damien was being an ass as usual, i don’t know what the hell is up with him. i think he realized that i’m sick of his crap and so he was like ‘hey come look at my new tires’ since he just got sponsored by dunlop (very happy for him, btw) and he starts play fightin with me and bein all grabby and i’m like uhhh wtf? so then me and erik went to hang out and get away from everyone and chill/talk in my car (it was rainin, bleh) and we wound up making out in the backseat like 16y/os haha it was fun though, he’s an awesome fuckin guy, total sweetheart, very very smart, i duno. whatever. all guys suck. so like, after, i walk back over to the stands where everyone is and if course damien noticed i was gone w/erik and he starts play fighting with me again and bein even more touchy and grabs me and throws me over his shoulder then pulls me down so i’m sitting around his waist face-to-face and i’m like hey nice of you to finally fucking notice me!!! gr.
so, i’m at work right now. i’m leavin here at 1130 so i can get back to school and go to class, then i have a nihongo study session from 4-5 then i am driving to brooklyn for the ifx bi-weekly meet. i really doubt i’ll stop in jersey like usual since me and assface aren’t really speaking. i think he got pissed that i was with erik, but whatever, fuck him, i really really like him but i don’t want to fucking see him if he’s gonna treat me like shit. so, yeah. i was supposed to stay in philly this weekend but steve canceled the ifx philly meet and i made plans, then he rescheduled it and i was like gr. so ny it is. i’ll hopefully install my coilovers and figure out why my greddy temp gauge decided to call it quits. then me and erin are gonna go to englishtown for the import survivial series carshow for some quality imports&domestics bonding time…