so let’s see, where did i leave off… beaverun? i think. i forgot to mention that on the way out there in lancaster/pennsyltucky we stopped at a reststop and there was a trailer of horses from kentucky and the guy let me play with them and there were a bunch of foals and woo i ❤ ponies 😀 i miss my mo.
uhhh so the week’s been going well,
classes are all right.
my communications class is easy as shit, i had the same professor last year for humanities and he loved me so it’s all good. japanese class is gonna be hard, but worth it. apparently i have a better accent/pronunciation than anyone else in the class, and i’m the only non-asian. go figure. business seems easy enough so far, i tried to participate the first lecture so the teacher likes me… my econ class sucks. the prof can barely speak english and puts me to sleep but hey that’s why they invented textbooks…
me and erin (the new roomie) went to staples on monday to get some stuff, and like, i remote started my car from 3 blocks away so it’d be ready to go w
hen we get to the garage, and all of a sudden my cellphone rings, and it’s my friend john and he’s like omg where are you i’m like uhh walking towards the garage why he’s like i was in the garage just now and walked by your car and it started out of nowhere and holy shit it scared the crap out of me and i was like haha yeah! remote start blitch! 😀
uh, went to DOW on wednesday, had a reallly good time.
had an altercation in jersey involving the police though.
fuckin i went to the bp i always go to to get gas, and i tell the guy ‘fill it up, 93 please’ and the fucking loser fills my whole tank with fucking 87!!! i haven’t put 87 in my car in like two friggen years!! so i was like dude i can’t run my car on 87 it’s gonna mess it up i need the 93 and the fucking towelhead starts screaming at me in arabic or something and i’m like what the fuck!! so he starts screaming at me about how i have to pay for the 87 and i’m like no fucking way i need 93 i fucking didn’t ask for 87 you piece of shit fucking syphon it out and give me what i fucking asked for and it got pretty ugly, really ugly actually. he called the cops. they came down. they told the asshole to shut the fuck up, took my side, made a police report so i can prove they caused it if anything should happen to my car (ping, knock, bye bye motor) and were really nice. fuckin a man, i was so fucking pissed. it was baaaaad. i don’t get angry easily, but mess with my car and i lose it. i wound up almost punching the guy in the face (my friends were holdin me back) and driving to get some octane booster. no problems yet *crosses fingers*
but DOW was really good. i had a great time. lotsa people there. erik was there yaay he was bein all snuggly and cute. stupid geography. stupid him living in florida 😦 i duno when he’ll be back up this way. sucky. damien was being an ass as usual, i don’t know what the hell is up with him. i think he realized that i’m sick of his crap and so he was like ‘hey come look at my new tires’ since he just got sponsored by dunlop (very happy for him, btw) and he starts play fightin with me and bein all grabby and i’m like uhhh wtf? so then me and erik went to hang out and get away from everyone and chill/talk in my car (it was rainin, bleh) and we wound up making out in the backseat like 16y/os haha it was fun though, he’s an awesome fuckin guy, total sweetheart, very very smart, i duno. whatever. all guys suck. so like, after, i walk back over to the stands where everyone is and if course damien noticed i was gone w/erik and he starts play fighting with me again and bein even more touchy and grabs me and throws me over his shoulder then pulls me down so i’m sitting around his waist face-to-face and i’m like hey nice of you to finally fucking notice me!!! gr.
so, i’m at work right now. i’m leavin here at 1130 so i can get back to school and go to class, then i have a nihongo study session from 4-5 then i am driving to brooklyn for the ifx bi-weekly meet. i really doubt i’ll stop in jersey like usual since me and assface aren’t really speaking. i think he got pissed that i was with erik, but whatever, fuck him, i really really like him but i don’t want to fucking see him if he’s gonna treat me like shit. so, yeah. i was supposed to stay in philly this weekend but steve canceled the ifx philly meet and i made plans, then he rescheduled it and i was like gr. so ny it is. i’ll hopefully install my coilovers and figure out why my greddy temp gauge decided to call it quits. then me and erin are gonna go to englishtown for the import survivial series carshow for some quality imports&domestics bonding time…

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