my appologies for my entires being few and far between, i’ve been real busy lately with school and work and carstuff.
so friday night i drove up to brooklyn for the ifx biweekly meet. didn’t stop in jersey for a change… the meet was really good, we had a ton of people show up (for pics: go there) i had a great time as always. i ❤ my boys. they’re wonderful. it was freezing cold and raining and sucky, but nobody cared. my friend bernie’s roommate val let me drive his tt 300zx and wow i really wasn’t expecting it to be that vicious. 😀
so after the meet i drove out to westbury to my mom’s new apartment and help her put together some furniture. it’s a nice place, small, but it’s all she needs. she did well for herself.
saturday i went over hamid’s and he did my suspension for me. i had known my brakes were bad for about six months now, but never really gave a shit about it. turns out my pads were practically nonexistant, so we replaced them on all four corners as well as p
utting on my braided steel lines. let’s just say it’s nice to have a car that can stop and that you don’t feel like you’re playing braking-russian-roulette anymore… 🙂 the suspension feels awesome too. it’s real stiff but handles amazing. i ❤ coilovers. thanks hamid!!
after, drove down to see my father’s apartment. it’s decent as well. i’m happy for the both of them. we went out to dinner and it’s nice not having all that stress and tension anymore. funny how it took a divorce to bring our family together…
spent saturday night putting together more furniture for mom and helping her get settled into the new place… boring, but she needed my help.
sunday morning i woke up early as shit to go to englishtown for the toyo tires import survival series 2 but it was raining and crappy so i was just like screw it im gonna go back to bed. woke up a few hours later, packed my shizzle, and headed down to englishtown. got there about 1pm. my new mustang-chickie roommate erin (she’s great) was showing her ‘stang so i figured i’d show the G with her new suspension as well. well, englishtown sucks. this is TWICE they’ve ‘lost’ my entry b/c they can’t figure the hell out what class i’m supposed to be in. ‘ohh it’s an infiniti but it’s got a nissan grill, what do we do?? where does it go?? derrrr’ fuckin lamers. oh well. it was pouring rain the whole time
anyway so it’s not like it was that great of a show.
got back to philly, uh, and now it’s tuesday?

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