as per lex’s request, a non-friends-only lj update 😉
so where did i leave off? shit, april 6th. that’s a lot of updating i’ve got to do. grab a chair fellas, it’s gonna be a long ride, er, read… not really.
so hrm. things have been going well. very busy, but well. my japanese class is awesome, i’m learning a lot and progressing decently. i can say things now that would previously have hurt my head to even comprehend. my business professor loves me because i am the only person in the class that watches the apprentice. my economics class is painfully easy, my professor doesn’t speak english though so it puts me to sleep. and communications i am kicking ass in becasue, again, the professor loves me (had him last year). midterms are coming up and i am feeling confident. i’ve been doing my papers on time and producing quality work. i’ve been being responsible. no procrastinating. i’m still working from home part time too, to add to the business. i live by my day-planner. it’s sad, but without it, i’d lose track of everything…
friday was grocery s
hopping day. me and maddy and erin went to walmart and went a little overboard buying the $5 dvds and whatnot. then we played with toy cars. then i found hula-hoops. but i couldn’t do it. so i found bicycle tires, and used those as hula-hoops instead…. yea. i’m confused too.
i got lotsa food at the grocery store. it’s so much fun there if you’re in the right mindset. alex came down and proceeded to make me feel like crapola because he hates it when i like to have fun in public. oh well, sorry hon.
saturday the 10th i went to a phillydsm meet with my boo lex 🙂 i had so much fun. alex thank you for inviting me. my mustang-grrl roommate came with, it was her 20th birthday. happy half-40 erin! so it was a great meet, huge turnout, lotsa pretty dsmies. they did a bbq. omgg it was great. i ❤ food 😀 but it was in this state park, nockamixon or somethin, and it was gorgeous!! i ❤ pennsyltucky. so yeah, sorry, random stuff there. a few of my friends showed up, adam, rob, good to see them. i had a great time, met a bunch of really nice new people. goin to atco thursday with this one guy chris, he is a sweetie.
on the ride home we hit this long straight stretch of clear highway and i did a couple 100+mph runs. it was unbelievable. i’ve never opened my car up anything past 85mph on the highway before because i am petrified of cops, but, well, i duno. i just did. and it was amaaaaazing. my car wen
t from 60 to 115mph in like two seconds flat, and kept pulling. only reason i slowed down was so the group could catch back up (car-avan’ing). i am addicted. i want more. i want to go fast. i want my turbo to spool so loud it sounds like a truck. which it does, past 4500rpm.
sunday i mostly slept. well, slept 14 hours. it was great. oh man i needed that. sat around, wrote a few papers, did a lot of nothing. what a nice weekend.
i’ve been real busy this week and it’s only tuesday. but i don’t have a free second to myself… example you ask? sure!
tomorrow, i’ve got a presentation and a paper due in communications. then work-from-home.
thursday, i’ve got my economics midterm which is gonna suck till 5pm, then atco with chris 😀
friday, drive up to ny for the ifx brooklyn meet, not stopping in jersey, avoiding you-know-who at all costs now. i am too much of a wuss to talk to him about it so i have given up entirely. that’ll go till prolly 1am, maybe i’ll swing by the bar and visit dan, then a long drive to my mom’s new apartment in westbury.
saturday. my birthday. the dreaded 2-0. hopefully i’ll go see motown. hopefully it will rain like it has done on my birthday every year since i was born. hopefully i won’t end up crying this year, unlike the past 19.
sunday, menlo meet in jersey, but i don’t think i am going to go, for the aforementioned-avoiding-new-jersey
next monday, more work, more papers, more crap.
next tuesday, appointment at the cdc, business board room presentation is due.
next thursday, business midterm, huge econ project
next friday saturday and sunday (23-25) VIRGINIA BEACH MEET!!! WOO!!!!
after that, a brief sample of my schedule…
april 29th, head down to DC to visit jonny, then back here, maybe an ifx meet friday, and japanese midterm saturday.
weekend after that, bouncing souls/avail show w/lex steve and matt
weekend after that, either ifx meet, drift out friday, and mazda rev it up, OR carlisle, haven’t decided which yet.
weekend after that, SEMA in atlantic shitty!!!
weekend after that, NOTHING!!! ifx brooklyn meet and sleeeeeeep
weekend after that, finals finals finals
then, maybe i will go to florida for a few days to visit someone 😉 we shall see.
then, i move to my new place.
then classes start.
i need a vacation from vacations. *sigh*.

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