20 sucks so far.

more updates, as usual… my entries are getting further and further apart as my free time gets less and less… blah.
once more i shall pull out my day planner so that i can remember what my past few days have been like…
thursday: i met this guy at lex’s phillydsm meet who is really chill, and we went to atco after i got done taking my econ midterm so he could get some times on his tsi before the dsm shootout at englishtown this weekend. i had a nice time, it was test&tune but there were a lot of sick muscle cars and drag cars. chris shredded his powersteering belt though, that sucked. my friend chad came down with his 350z i hadn’t seen him in ages. all in all, a good day.
friday: up to new york as usual for the ifx biweekly meet in brooklyn. met up with phil on the turnpike, and i ran into a friend on the belt. well, not literally, but almost. we were coming off of the verrazano onto the belt and i notice about 500 feet up some p10 taillights. and yes, it was dark as hell outside. i can spot these things from a mile away. so i downshift and ro
mp on the throttle and fly up behind this poor guy to get a look at the car. as i get close, i realize its a burgundy p10 with a touring spoiler. closer still, and now i see it’s got a primera badge on the left. it’s miiiiikeeee!!! i had *completely* forgotten he said he was gonna come, and it was so funny running into him on the highway like that. so i move into the center lane and pull up next to him and get on the gas a bit so he hears my blowoff, looks over, and was like hey! and i was like hey! and it was good. 😀 so we went to ceasars bay for the meet, it was great as usual. a ton of cars showed up, including a gold s14 with an rb25 in it. *yum* so uhh, a lot of people came, it was great seein everyone as usual. hamid gave me the most beautiful red powdercoated det valve cover ever, i didn’t know what to say, i was so moved… it meant so much to me. it is beautiful. thank you hon.
saturday: my 20th birthday. woo. sarcasm. slept late, woke up, and decided to go get a new tattoo. i had gotten bored on wednesday night at like 4am and was doodling and came up with something i really really wanted. it’s a turbo. i am cheesy. so i got it done spur-of-the-moment. i went to this place twin moons, and the guy who did my work was so good! it took him about an hour and 45 mins to complete the piece once we had spent a good solid two hours drawing and finalizing the design. at one point i
actually fell asleep laying on the table, so if anyone asks ‘did it hurt?’, there’s your answer 😉 it came out great and i am really happy with it. shitty part was driving home… i forgot that whenever i engage the clutch it pushes me against the seat. i challenge everyone reading this to try and drive your car, esp a manual, without ever letting your lower back touch the seat. it’s hard as hell.
went out to dinner with the fam later that night. funny how it took a divorce to bring my family together… my parents were like ‘well, since we sold the house and have a little bit more cash than usual, we want to get you something special. here is a blank check, go buy yourself a set of cams’ i was in shockkkkk holy crap i am so happy whee i get cams! but i can’t decide between the JWT’s S3s or C1s… the C1s have more lift and duration, but require the use of titanium valve springs and retainers, which are an extra $500, which means i have to save before i can get them and install the cams… i duno. i need to think on this more.
sunday: went over to hamids and swapped the valve covers so now i have the pretty new one, as well as a b&m short shifter from my good friend chris. makes driving a lot more fun and there’s no more crappy play in the shifter. whee! then we spent a few hours washing, claybar’ing, and waxing our cars… i’ve never seen my girl so clean. evAr. the cl
aybar made such a huge difference, her paint feels like glass and as as shiny as a mirror. i ❤ my baby!!!
there was an ifx meet at menlo park in jersey but i didn’t go because of certain reasons which if you know me you will know what i am talking about. i went to visit sharon at rutgers instead 🙂
monday: woke up early and drove lex out to bumblefuck pennsyltucky so he could drop off his car to get a clutch done. on the way out there i noticed my oil pressure, while at 3000rpm, was at 2.0 bar instead of the usual 3.5bar. got me a little nervous, i’m real concerned. so on the way back, my wheel bearing starts making noise too. wtfffffff. so i dropped the car off at firestone since i am so busy with class and work and told them to change the wheel bearing and gimme full synthetic as well, and i get a call from them later asking ‘have you hit any really bad potholes lately?’ i was like uhhh yeah. they were like ‘there is a ton of damage, a lot of parts need to be replaced. wheel bearing, upper link, knuckle, ball joint, alignment, etc etc… the estimate is $1200′ im like fuckin’ a that fucking sucks but what can i do? nothing. so i told them to fix what needed fixing… man i was so upset i spent the whole day crying. never made it to my communications class either… oh well.
tuesday: went to class, couldn’t focus on anything because i was concerne
d about my car. they said it may need a hub too, and that had been sent to the machine shop. if it needed a hub it wouldn’t be done until friday… i was freaking out because i needed to get to work the next day (today) and vabeach on friday for the east coast g20.net meet… luckily they called me back later and said it didn’t need a hub and it would be ready by 530. i was soooo happy to see her. they hooked me up with an ill $250 discount too, so i only paid about $900 😀 took her out for a drive, everything feels fine, oil pressure was normal, i was happy.
wednesday (today): woke up at 6am, got dressed, and walked to my car to drive to work. on the way here, i notice that the oil pressure is back at 2.0bar… i’m starting to worry. it’s probably the pump. if it is i will need to get it fixed before friday so i can drive to virginia. i’m so sick of shit breaking, i feel so bad for my poor girl, she’s 11 years old and i think she’s starting to feel it… 😦 oh well. but i am at work now, leaving in an hour so i can make it to my classes, then i have to drive alex back to pick up his car. everyone cross your fingers that my baby is okay…

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