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kuruma, aishiteru.

May 25, 2004

another extremely long overdue update as usual…
so a lot of time has passed between my last update and now, no suprise. the last two weekends have rocked totally hardcore, and so, i shall update for your viewing pleasure 🙂
so a thursday a long time ago, i don’t exactly remember the date but let’s just say the 13th. j and i took our cars down to the diy carwash on columbus to clean our babies. i think we spent a good four hours detailing like crazy people. the fuckin machines ate a bunch of my money though. damn south philly bum machines. but the cars looked fantastic and i had a great time chillin with j, he’s such an awesome friend. it was funny because there was this guy with a bimmer and he walks over to my car and i had the hod popped and he was like what kind of intake is that and i was like uhhh it goes to the frontmount for my turbo and he’s like no shit this thing is turbo and i’m like yea it is she’s my baby. he was cool i suppose. ran into him on the road later when we were leaving the carwash and left him cryin in my dust 🙂 whee!
move ahead to
friday i think the 14th. went to work, jackass found me online and we talked for a bit. grr. kinda wish he never happened. went to class, don’t really remember much of that. then back to the apartment for a few minutes, threw some clothes into a bag, and headed off to harrisburg.
the drive out there was awesome. the car was behaving perfectly, the road were clear (once i got outside of philly of course) the weather was fantastic.
10 miles outside of harrisburg.
helloooooo insane storm.
sky turned green
lightning striking the ground
insane wind
roads flooding so i couldn’t drive faster than 5mph
zero visability
me scared shitless of tornados
i managed to make it to the hotel (which was ultra-pimp) safe and sound thankfully. funny though as soon as i pulled up, jay and his buffalo friends showed up. woo. jay’s awesome i’m so glad i got to see him again.
so the hotel was awesome. two bedrooms with queen beds and 19″ tvs in each, full kitchen with all the appliances, livingroom with another huge ass tv, and a balcony. and for how many people we had packed in, it was only $30 for *both* nights together! best deal evAr.
but anyway. everyone went out friday night but i wanted to stay in since i had to be up crazy early to prep my car for carlisle the next morning. jay stayed in with me and we ordered a pizza and watched anger man
agement and had a great time.
6am wakeup call the next morning so NOT fun. oh well. so we all went and washed the cars again since the rainstorm fucked up the beautiful detailing job… then on to carlisle!
rolled in to the main hall and set up my ‘display’ which consisted of a foamposterboard with spec sheets and pictures. cleaned the car up real well, cleaned the rims, did the interior… and took a nap.
the show was awesome. it was huge. i had a great time chillin with jay and his buffalo friends.
i also ran into about a bajillion people i knew, or people that knew me.
got to see my angel brandon from gnet, met jacob (woo what a cutie!) who was extremely sweet, ran into chris from autorush, chris from my school, and like seriously a dozen other people who i can’t remember at the moment because i am too tired to strain my head and think.
so… this is the strange part. apparently the class i was entered in, ‘street class’, was a big giant mess of every car, one huge class. and the cars were ranked on a scale of 0-100 depending on different criteria. any car over 90points received a winners plaq. so at the awards presentation i was hanging out listning for my friends names and they called ’93 infiniti g20!’ and i was like holy crap someone else here has a 93 g20!? then they called my name and i was like huh?? so i wound up taking home a thingy 😀 whee!
sunday was fun,
more carlisle car show, but it sucked because i had to say goodbye to jay 😦 oh well. he said he’s gonna come down to HIN phila which he better, and steve you fack you better come too!!!
so the week after carlisle was mostly work, school, schoolwork, studying, midterms, sleep, etc.
this past saturday morning, i woke up bright and early, once again got in my car, and headed down to atlantic city.
sema international auto salon what what!
i had a job interview with magnaflow at 1230 but i left phila mad early because i didn’t want to be late and i was expecting traffic, which, ironically, i hit none of. so i got there at 11am and sat around till noon when they finally let the general public in.
so as i was walking in to go through security, i ran into joel and alex and a few other ifx’ers. it was pretty weird considering i drove down by myself…
went over to the primedia booth to say hello to jonny and to find my guy from magnaflow for the interview. he was cool and it went really well and he said they are definitly interested in hiring me, however, they need me to start ASAP and i can’t start until september because it would be for co-op. oh well, guess it’s not gonna work out after all… *pout*
walked around sema for a bit hung out with a lot of people i knew, saw a ton of cars, it was a great show. i’m actually wearin
g a shirt i got there right now. i was walkin around and this chick at the yokohama booth just like bombarded me with a tshirt and was like do you want a free tshirt and i was like uhhh stunned from her attack so i took it and it’s actually really cute it’s a tiny yokohama parada spec2 black shirt w/sparkly silver writing whee! and i have those tires on my car so i don’t feel like a loser wearin it 🙂
i got a bunch of free stuff as usual at carshows…
hamid showed up we chilled a lot, he’s an awesome friend i’m lucky to know him.
then i walked over to the outside booth where they were doing free testdrives of nismo tuned 350z’s and sti’s and rsx type-s’s but the signal cars were there so of course i bypassed the driving to molest them. and by them i mean the cars. although mad k is sooo sexy. haha he actually walked up to me and was like ‘ooo i remembah yoo, how are yoo dooing? how is yoor caar?’ heh, i ❤ him 😀 he reminds me of bunta. mmmm bunta… wait, now i’m getting offtrack.
so jonny came over and introduced me to his boss john who was ultra cool as well, and he saw my turbotattoo and they took a silly picture that maybe will be in the magazine, haha, my ass is so totally famous. the garrett turbo guys took a picture of it too while i was swooning over a disco potato.
the G20 guys showed up around 5pm, dan, dave, arjun, bruce, adam, and some other of their fri
ends who i hadn’t met before. back to inside sema and walked around for a few more hours taking pics and whatnot.
i puppy-eye’ed the guy guarding the wrc wrx until he let me climb in and play around with the toys inside. it was amazing. i was in heaven.
so around 8pm signal did a drift demo of course, which was fantastic to say the very least. chunky bai did his rodeo-drift which i have never ever seen in person and i was totally floored by. man those guys rock. \m/
after the demo, one of the cars seemed to be sliiiiightly overheating, and mad was running around trying to see what’s up and everyone was yelling to get his attention and he was ignoring them so i walked over and said ‘daijobu desu ka?’ and he looked at me with this look of pure shock and confusion on his face like how is this white girl speaking japanese?! and then he smiled and said ‘hai, ii desu yo’ 😀
after the drift demo and sema, we went back to the parking garage to get the cars, and we had 5 G20s and dave’s miata lined up taking pictures, and i was sitting on the ground being lazy and this red DC2 integra rolls by, and slams on the brakes once he got to my car. i’m thinkin ‘great, another one thinking its a sentra…’ but it turns out the kid lives like 15 minutes outside of philly and he stopped because he saw my car and his friend has a P10 that is going turbo as well and was shocked there was another one around. it
was pretty cool, he was really nice.
so after that, we checked into the hotel (which was funny because it was like almost 11pm by then) for the night and ordered a pizza. i felt bad because i had to be up at 5am the next night and so the guys stayed in with me. thanks guys i appreciate it!
next morning, alarm at 515am i wanted to shoot myself in the head, i only got 3 hours of sleep.
but i promised jonny and john i would drive them to the airport since they had an 830am flight outta philly and no ride there and i was going that way anyway 🙂
i drove to their hotel and i was so tired that i wound up passing the entrance and getting on the atlantic city expressway but i was too tired to turn around so i just put it in reverse and put on my hazards and backed up about a mile in the right lane. haha. rock on me.
so i get to the hotel and i walk in and john’s at the desk checking out and i’m like hey where’s jonny and he’s like haha he’s upstairs he’s not awake yet. way to have a hangover jonny!!!
but the drive up was nice, jonny passed out in the backseat and me and john had a really nice conversation the whole way up.
i almost got pulled over though, i didn’t realize i was cruising at like 85mph in a 65 and after about 15 minutes i think i look in the rearview and there is a cop thisclose to my ass and i started getting really nervous because i didn’t want to get pulled over
and have the guys miss their flight. so i put on my blinker and moved to the right lane since he wasn’t siren’ing me yet and he follows me over and i was prepping for a panic attack at that moment, he gets close, follows me a few more minutes, then disappears off an exit ramp. fucker was just trying to scare me. which he did. bastard.
anyway, i got the guys to the airport on time after all. they were wonderful i had a really great time meeting the both of them, can’t wait for them to come back!!
drove home, dropped off the car, and sleppppppt.
then i woke up, walked back to the car, and drove to FDR park for an rx7/rx8 meet.
i met up with j because he is the one that told me about the meet in the first place, but i knew like three people once i got there that i didn’t even know were going. so random. god i fucking know everyone, it’s scary.
i met this really cool chick that drove a turboII and we had a nice long talk about how much car-girls and girls in general suck and we were bashing on men (and her husband, even though he was there, haha) she was chill though.
at one point, a bunch of the rotary guys walked over to my car and proceeded to tell me how fucking shocked they were at what i had done to it, because if they ‘had seen it on the streets’ they ‘would have laughed and never given it a second thought’ that made me feel really good. mission: sleeper, accomplishe
d. they loved the rims and they laughed when i apologized for having pistons at a rotary meet 🙂 all in all, good people, good times.
so now, after insane amounts of traveling, ridiculously minute amounts of sleep, painful amounts of work and studying and papers and essays and homework, i am sitting in the computer lab @ nesbitt with maddy at 1230am writing this entry because this is literally the first chance in weeks that i’ve even had 5 minutes to spare…
with that in mind, i am gonna get back to work.
but what’s next on the schedule you may ask? well, some new parts for the G which are top-secret at the moment, then Hot Import Nights Philadelphia June 26th. i better see all you bitches there supporting my G at the show!!! 😀
ps. i love my roommate maddy she rocks my socks harder than a boulder ever could.
pps. pictures from sema can be found here: enjoy.


May 12, 2004

i am too lazy to update with words, so instead i will use pictures…

the nismo lm gt4s on my car. yes, it needs to be 1/2in lower i am aware… o well. still looks bangin.

these are inside my motor now. lucky me. 0.464″ lift & 266* duration. lope lope lope. thanks hamid.

mom finally killed the maxima, so we went and bought her this. she’s in love. she finally understands now. she wants to modify it. i couldn’t be prouder.

she’s lovely.

May 8, 2004

they’re here.
thanks to hamid for the pictures.

words can’t even begin to describe how happy i am right now

May 6, 2004

i’ll admit it.
i am an adict.
i am going through withdrawl symptoms.
i am sitting here shaking.
i am doing everything i possibly can to keep myself from clicking the ‘purchase now’ button for a new disco potato turbo, manifold, wastegate, fuel rail, injectors, boost controller, s-afc…
if boost was a drug, i’d smoke it.
…this sucks.