hello life, here i come

okay first off, i’d like to make an awesome announcement for those who i haven’t already bored to death with my excitement…
i am moving to southern california in september for six months to work for GARRETT turbos.
yes. that’s not a typo.
a few months back i sent out a shitload of resumes to car companies and such hoping to land the ill co-op position. up until two weeks ago, i thought i was destined to stay in philly. but then i got a phonecall, and a job offer/opportunity of a lifetime. they want me to come work in the aftermarket performance marketing section. they want to pay me $16/hour. they want to pay my travel expenses to go there and back. but best of all – while all you eastcoast beeches are shovelling snow and wearing scarves, i’ll be layin on a beach under an effing palm tree!!!
this is going to FUCKING ROCK \m/
i am going to see the ‘other’ ocean
and a palm tree
and i want to attempt to surf
and i want to witness an earthquake. not anything destructive, just a ‘ohh, that tickles’ small on
e 😀
so i booked plane tickets today to go to socal. garrett is located in Torrance. i am flying out the 20th of july and returning on the 25th. that gives me about 4 days to find an apartment and get everything settled. i can’t wait. i’ve never been to cali before.
then, i finish classes.
in september, i am going to drive to atlanta georgia with my car for the nopi nationals. from there, i am going to drive cross-country to socal. anyone wanna hook me up with a place to stay along the way??
don’t worry though, i’ll be back in philly in march of ’05 😉
other than that, life’s been good.
jay and steve came to visit this weekend and we had a blast. hot import nights was so much fun. i didn’t win anything of course, but SO many people loved my car and that made it worth it. i met a bunch of really cool se-r/g20 people and man i’m SO glad i decided to show her…
of course my seats didn’t show up but hey, who cares. they’ll get here when they get here. granted i’m a little po’ed that i spent extra money to get them shipped so they would be here in time (apparently guarentees mean nothing anymore… grr…) but well, i can’t change that now so oh well.
but it was a blast nonetheless. and steve and jay made it that much better. we spent most of the weekend driving sleeping or eating but hey, that’s what makes life so good 😀 i m
iss them both already. come back and visit me soon guys!!!

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