okay so yeah my entries lately have been kinda not covering the daily wonderful activities of, uh, me, so this entry is gonna try and fill in the gaps and spaces from the last good entry to the present, of which i can only think of three major things…
one was the 4th of july, which rocked. it was my first 4th in philly and honestly i was fuckin surprised as hell at what a huge celebration it was. there were like thousands and thousands of people all over by the art museum/kelly drive area and like carnival games and food and all this crazy stuff and it was just unbelievable. i walked over to j’s place and we hung out and watched a movie (independence day, how ironic) and had a good time. then we watched fireworks. tom came by to watch with us.
they were really good but i was expecting more from philly. i mean come fucking on, city of independence or whatever the hell it is, i was kinda disappointed the display wasn’t that great. maybe i am just spoiled by ny, who knows. i do think that it was fucking awesome however, that they played Outkast – Hey Ya during the fireworks over the
sound system. :thumbsup:
other than that, my car almost went kaboom again.
you guys remember when the oil change fell out in december? to those of you who don’t, let me refresh: i needed an oil change and there was like 3 feet of snow on the ground so i brought it to my parent’s mechanic of 10+ years and the fucktard didn’t tighten the oil drain plug completely and well one morning two days later in philly when i started the car to go to work at 630am, the drain plug fell out, the oil change fell out, and the car stalled from oil starvation. i remember back then thinking to myself ‘wow, i bet that fucked up my bearings pretty bad…’
so, as i predicted, my rod bearings started making some hideous noises last week. quiet at first, but got a lot effing louder as i proceeded to drive the car 50 miles roundtrip to/from work on wednesday (not smart i know, but if i call in one more time due to my-car-broke, they’ll kill me).
i got it flatbedded from philadelphia to new york thursday. i refused to even start the car to drive it out of the garage. i just put it in neutral and pushed the damn thing as if my life depended on it. wasn’t too hard. just sucked getting it up the first initial hill. from there on it was mostly ramps that i could push it down, chase the car, jump in while it’s rolling, grab the ebrake, repeat. kinda like skateboarding with a car. fun. i recommend eve
ryone try this at least once.
got it up to ny to hamid’s house, got the part number for the rod bearings off the crank, and i spent all of friday driving (rockin my mom’s P11 G20, woot) to dealers trying to find parts. i called 60+ nissan and infiniti dealers, nobody had the bearings in stock, had each store run a locator and apparently there was not a single dealer in the entire country that had the parts in stock, so i had to order them from friggen south cakalakka.
also picked up my bride seats from fizz…
spent friday night at the races, a bunch of oldschool fast-as-balls muscle cars, so many damn blowers it made my head hurt. went down ocean pkwy for some races, cop came, shit got broken up as usual. oh well.
saturday was the NYCGs annual BBQ at valley stream state park. i say annual because we had our first meet this same time at the same place last year. actually that was my first G20 meet and my first time meeting the guys. funny how far we’ve all come since then, i feel like they’re my family now. it’s also funny how far my car has come. i was looking at pictures from last year’s meet and i was staring at this gray p10 thinking ‘who the hell’s car is that??’ took me a few minutes to realize it was MINE! weird huh?
but the meet was awesome, we had a great turnout, i think at one point we had 20+ cars. not just G’s though (iirc we had 6p10s an
d 5p11s)… a bunch of b13 se-r’s from team se-rious came down, a b14, a b15, an fc, a mazda3… even my mom came with her P11 πŸ˜€
i’ll have pictures posted on www.g20nyc.com very soon
it was also hamid’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMID!!!
saturday night i hung out with patrick till god knows when.
sunday i went out to dinner with my mom then back to philly courtesy of hamid’s 1G talon. woot. rockin a DSM πŸ˜€ thanks hamid!!! (hamid= best friend evAr.)
anyway. updates on my car: she seems to be okay. no apparent or noticable damage. it seems i caught it in time. the bearings (from what hamid tells me since i am currenty 130+ miles away from my car… this is the first time i’ve ever been away from her actually, it sucks. seperation axiety blows) are completely toasted, and the oil holes are all clogged. i got lucky as hell i didn’t blow the motor. but i’ll get the final word on her condition soon…
going back to ny thursday to return the talon and hopefully bring my girl back with me… then tuesday i’m off to cali to try and find an apartment.
wish me luck guys

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