so things have been getting better lately. thank god. it’s about time my luck changed after all that shit with the car and the computer and blah blah blah…
this past weekend was a lot of fun.
drove to new york thursday night, and friday i went and finally got a sticker made for my rim. yep that’s right. stupid sticker fell off the stupid overpriced rims and of course nismo doesn’t make them in that size because they don’t want people making fake nismo rims, so i had to get them custom done. how fucking gay. whatever. they look pretty and perfect now so it’s all good.
so then i was driving back to my mom’s place to get some food and my cell rings and it’s patrick’s friend and he asked me where i was and i was like uhh why and he’s like ‘my pizza delivery guy called in sick, do you want to come and deliver pizzas for me?’ so i was like fuck yea!!! i needed the money. so i spent a few hours driving my broke-ass car around trying to make money to fix said broke-ass car and delivering pizzas. it was fun in a lame sorta way… but at least i made like
$30 😉
friday night i went to brooklyn for the biweekly ifx meet which i hadn’t been able to attend in forever. it was fun seein the guys, that may have been the last time i see them before i move. i duno. i had a good time. afterwards hamid and me went out east to hit up the races which was good, but eventually it got broken up as usual.
saturday i went to the TeamSE-Rious meet at hempstead lake state park. it was great. i think we had about 150 cars in attendance. b13s b14s b15s (sentras, 200sxs, etc) p10s p11 s13s s14s it was amazing. we even had a viper and a real RHD Pulsar GTi-R (AWD Turbo) show up. some supras, evos, bimmers, altimas, everything was there. a lot of my friends showed up and i had a really good time. the bbq was great. hung out there from like 12:30 till about 7:30pm…
saturday night i honestly don’t remember what i did exactly.
sunday morning i woke up nice and early and drove back to philly. met up with alex and some friends of his and we caravanned over to a cistic fibrosis benefit carshow in levittown pa. it was fun driving with the guys… red gsx, my p10, silver wrx, black prelude, blue b15, and a silverish rsx. we all had cf hoods so it was kinda weird seeing them all together, but each car was absolutely gorgeous and it was a really cool sight seeing them all together. plus the guys i hadn’t met before that we were with were really nice. i had
a lot of fun the show had a great turnout.
afterwards, back to philly. alex cooked me dinner which was great and then we hung out for a while.
monday i woke up and went to work, shitty but i was exhausted cause i didn’t sleep the night before. came back, class, etc etc.  i was finishing up my night class around 8 when alex called and asked if i wanted to go take pics with him and his friend eric, so i said sure. eric has this gorgeous red ’91 mr2 and it’s pretty vicious. so we drove around for a bit, hung out, took pics, etc etc. after we went to dinner at a chinese restaurant in chinatown and i had a good time as usual. we left there around 1:30am… hung out with alex, had a really good talk with him. i’m glad he’s back in my life, and i’m glad things are back to normal with us. i missed him so much during those 8 months we weren’t speaking… but yea. things are good now.
this weekend should be fun.

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