tom saved my life last night.
no, seriously. he did.
anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of seeing me and a spider in close proximity will know what i’m talking about…
i honestly think i have the world’s worst case of arachnophobia… i can’t control it, and it’s really embarassing.
i was taking a shower last night around 2am and i was washing my hair and i turned around to rise out the shampoo and i look up and right there in front of my face was a huge fucking spider.
so of course, immediately, i start panicking. i froze for a second out of straight up fear before i had the flight-response reaction and ran out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and this is the thought process that took place in literally a fraction of a second: ‘holy shit what am i going to do i need a bottle of raid where the FUCK is my raid omg it’s in my car i can’t go get it what am i going to do how am i going to kill this panic panic panic who can i call? wait! tom called before i went in the shower, maybe he’s still awake!!!’ so i RAN to
my room, grabbed my cellphone, ran back to the bathroom so i could keep an eye on the spider and make sure it didn’t disappear…
thankfully he answered. i think what i was trying to say was ‘tom i was in the shower and there was a spider and i am really freaking out i need you to come up here right now and kill it’ but what he actually heard was ‘cry cry cry sob sob panic shower cry cry sob cry emergency cry sob sob cry now’
so he comes running up and i am standing there soaking wet clutching my towel staring at this spider if my life depended on it (it was fuckin big too) cry hysterically and sobbing and shaking and having a full-blown panic attack and he killed it for me.
not only did he kill it but he flushed it and searched the entire room without me even asking him to do so to make sure it was safe. he also managed to shut off the water which i had left running in my hysteria and consequently almost flooded the bathroom floor haha. then he calmed me down and stood outside the door while i finished showering to make sure i was going to be okay.
so, the conclusions i have drawn from last night:
i am deathly afraid of spiders
tom is the best spider killer EVER
tom is also my hero.
and yes, after it was all over and i finally calmed down it was really embarassing hahaha he told me when he got my phone call he was nervous that someone had been hurt because he couldn’t
understand what i said except for shower and emergency… but yeah, i feel like such a wuss because spiders make me cry hysterically like a little girl and i lose all sense of rational thought. at one point while he was searching the bathroom i couldn’t figure out where my other towel went because one was missing from my hook and he pointed out that i was wearing it and uhhh yeah. embarassing, but i can’t control this fear and it sucks 😦
the end.

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