know what’s funny?
i’ll tell you.
someone who says you’re their best friend and that they care about you oh-so-much, but they can’t talk to you/call you or anything because they’re too busy, then you see that person drive by with a friend in the car behind them at 11pm on a thursday night. here’s the best part: i know he saw me. he looked right at me.
i think that’s funny as hell.
but why is that funny?
because obviously none of the stuff they said previously meant a damn fucking thing.
‘oh im so busy, i don’t have time to talk to you, but i can go out and hang out with every single other person on the planet, but no, i can’t even call to say hello’
i find that very funny.
kiss my fucking ass, i’m done with this shit.
want to change my mind? you know where to find me


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