three oil changes in less than a week & why i <3 SR motors

my last update was almost a month ago. wow.
a lot has changed since then. some for the worst, most for the best. i’m going to attempt to recapture the past few weeks. i honestly don’t care if anyone reads this or not, i’m only writing so one day i can look back and read about what happened this month…
i left philly on friday the 3rd. i packed my entire apartment in my car and drove to ny for an ifx meet. patrick brought this guy he had met the week before, jeremy, who has a white turbo ii. jeremy has a twin brother, john, who drives a se-r classic. me and john totally hit it off. that was honestly one of the best meets i’d ever been to. everyone showed up, we had a great time all just hanging out, and i got to see a bunch of my friends before i left. we were there until 4 in the morning.
i spent the next week desperately trying to find a new motor for the G as the one i was supposed to get fell through.
i ordered a bunch of new parts to make sure that anything that could possibly break (water pump, throwout bearing, seals, etc. just stupid preve
ntative shit like that) was replaced.
eventually i would up ordering a motor from jgy since i had no other choice. they are expensive as hell. and a very very good friend of mine lent me the money to pay for the motor since i am beyond broke. i hate having this debt over my head and i will be paying him back once i start getting paychecks from the new job.
the motor showed up.
it appeared to be in great condition…
but the fucking TURBO was SEIZED
i was pisssssed
the swap must go on
got it done in about two days, i got completely filthy working on the baby and i loved every minute of it. i had a great fucking time. seriously.
blowing the old motor was totally worth it just so i could have the pleasure of swapping in a “new” one.
i say “new” because it runs like butt.
well, it pulls good and it runs strong,
but it’s smoking out of the #4 cylinder (pull the spark plug wire after running it and you see a neat little plume of smoke… =\ ) and it is smoking white smoke out the exhaust. it smells and looks like oil (maybe a bad valve seal?), but a compression test revealed i have 130 compression on #1, #2, and #4, with the #3 cylinder having 125. ummm fuck? normal compression for these motors is like 150-170, which leads me to believe maybe it’s a head gasket problem… FUCK.
i’ve been trying to get in to
uch with JGY to at least replace the turbo which i had planned on selling to pay back some of the money, but this was about two weeks ago and i haven’t made an ounce of progress. double fuck.
spent the rest of the week trying to get the car running decent. finally managed the auto to manual seatbelt conversion with hamids extra strong help because apparently i am too weak to remove certain bolts (haha) and installed the bride seats which look oh-so-pretty and are wonderfully comfortable for my back šŸ˜€
me and patrick and john and jeremy and their cousin amy (awesome fucking chick who drives a gc8) and some of their other friends spent a lot of time hanging out during my ‘free’ time that week, which was next to none. we did make it out to montauk one night and lit a huge bonfire on the beach and just hung out and funny how i’ve lived there so long and i’ve never done that before. it was wonderful.
anthony and i had been in touch lately. he wanted to move to la too so we decided to drive out together. i left thursday morning, got stuck in crazy ass staten island traffic with the car smoking so much i was literally choking on it, and finally met up with him out in breezewood pa sometime that afternoon. he was driving the 1.6turbo sentra. yay!
we drove to columbus ohio and spent the night there.
he next day we kept driving and made it through what was left of that hurricane whic
h was a little nervewracking driving through the plains and tornado country (last years nopi trip scarred me for life. storms make me ultra paranoid) and made it safely to a little shitty ass city in kansas
junction city, kansas to be exact
within two minutes of arriving, we stopped to get gas
these 16 year old kids walked up to my car and started checking it out…
one of them says to his friends ‘yo she’s got a movie star muffler!’
i almost died laughing.
woke up the next morning and got back on the road…
i had a little scare by the colorado/kansas border which was due to my wheel liner ripping off the car at 90mph (thank you 75mph speed limit! šŸ˜€ ) so i immediately pull over thinking maybe i had a blowout and i couldn’t feel it cause my suspension is so damn stiff, and as i walk over to the passenger side to check it out i notice my car was pissing fluid. *insert panick attack here* but it turns out, haha, when the liner ripped off it took my windshield washer fluid hoses with it and that’s what was causing the spillage. nice. so now i have a little orange annoying light on my dash telling me my fluid is low. more like nonexistant. word.
saw some ‘dust devils’ along the way which made me a little jumpy because of my whole tornado-phobia (again, thanks nopi) but they were cute in a strange sort of way. silly midget tornadoes.
we ma
de it to denver, and the view was gorgeous
we started driving up the rockies
we saw buffalo!!
at about 9,000 ft elevation, we found a lake (picture to come tomorrow) and pulled over.
it was crystal clear.
i could see fish in the middle of it.
i knelt down and drank from it. it was the best tasting water i have ever had in my entire life.
we kept going that night, stopped in vail for a few minutes during a rain storm for gas, and eventually wound up calling it a night in this really weird-ass town.
RIFLE, colorado.
yes, there is a picture of the motel i stayed at in the pictures to come. the ‘winchester’ motel. with a huge picture of a gun on it. wonderful.
the next morning, the fourth day, we finished up the rockies and started into the canyon, desert, and plateau region of utah and arizona, which was phoenomial. i’ve never been anywhere like that before. it was just absolutely spectacular. i took a bajillion pictures.
i climbed a plateau.
i saw a cactus.
i also had to drive the whole day (and the day before as well) with my windows down and my heat on full blast to keep the car from trying to overheat due to 12 hours of steady 80-90mph driving in 120* deserts… ick.
so we’re driving through the desert, we get to nevada, it’s all flat and boring and pretty at the same time.
it starts to get dark…
all of a sudden, we come over this one hill,
and there it is
it was amazing, it just came out of nowhere and it was HUGE.
we got a hotel on the outskirts of the strip and went cruising
all i can say is that vegas is like times square on crack.
the next day wasn’t such a bad drive at all. we were averaging around 650-800 miles a day with 12-13 hours of seat time a day (including gas/food breaks). we stopped about 30 minutes outside of barstow to visit anthony’s aunt and uncle who were cool as hell before continuing the drive to la.
we made it
and we made it without a single accident, without a single car problem, and without a single getting-pulled-over
3,000 miles in 5 days.
not bad šŸ˜‰
came to my apartment, got the keys from my landlord, and unpacked the few boxes i had brought with me. then we went to pasedena where he is staying with his brother to unload his stuff.
came back to my place, unpacked a little, and we camped out on the livingroom floor.
it was fun
my apartment is huge
its gorgeous
its completely unfurnished
i don’t have a bed, i am sleeping on the floor
but at least it’s carpeted šŸ˜€
i am using a drop-light in my bedroom as a ‘lamp’
i was using a cable wire as an antenna for my tv and i was grounding it out to a piston to get reception
i have carshow
folding chairs in my living room as ‘furniture’
it is ghetto fab
i call my style “early poverty”
so tuesday and wednesday i spent just getting the apartment settled, getting heat and electric, a fridge, cable/internet, etc etc.
thursday was my first day of work at garrett turbos.
i love it there.
everyone is awesome, my boss is great, and it’s only 5 minutes (with traffic) from my apt
friday night anthony and i went to the movies, and i have never seen so many painfully obnoxious 14 year old girls who think they are all that in my life. it significantly lowered my IQ just listening to them… haha.
but they do have initial D the arcade game version 3 at the theatre by my apt. yaaay!
afterwards we went out driving a bit, and randomly found signal auto. we were driving through a part of torrance i’d never been to before, and i see ‘abalone ave’ and im like omgg turn right! i didn’t know what direction to go but something just said go right. and there, 20 feet down, was signal. it was like midnight so of course it was dark and closed but damn. i found signal. randomly. how fun.
then i remembered i had the address to motorex in my bag, and after much driving and much getting lost, we finally found that too. impressive, even at 130am.
i’ll go back soon during the day when they’re both open šŸ˜‰
saturday i went grocery sho
pping and then to santa monica to visit jonny. we went down to the beach and to the pier and we went on the silly carnival rides and i was holding on for dear life during the ridiculously non-scary roller coaster. haha. good times good times…
yesterday night anthony and i drove down to long beach and explored the Queen Mary (to those not in the know: it is a cruise ship built in the same era as the titanic, by the same company, only much *bigger*!) it was supposed to be closed but we managed to sneak around and see a whole bunch of stuff.
it was aaaamaazing
then we had dinner in one of the restaurants on board overlooking the harbor.
work again this morning, my job rocks, i don’t have any complaints.
i get paid to play with turbos and do marketing for drag race stuff
what more could i ask for
now for the subject line:
oil change once the motor went in, then two days later after i put 200 miles on it, then 5 days later after another 3000 miles were put on it. that’s a lot of oil changes in a week! šŸ˜›
and i *
here’s the best part:
G HOME!!!!
garrett is flying me to jersey friday night to work at the NHRA event at englishtown this weekend. i’ll be there both the 2nd and 3rd, so you guys better all come and say hello!! šŸ˜€
i miss everyone crazy amounts.
hamid, i miss you more than words can say
patrick, i miss you and your random acts of craziness
john, i wasn’t expecting to miss you this much, but i do, and i’m glad that we met, because i’m really happy to have you in my life.
i can’t wait to see everyone this weekend. woot! business trip to the drag strip!!! šŸ˜€
i’ll post pictures tomorrow because i’m exhausted right now and i’ve got work in the am.
it’s good to be back, i miss you all ā¤

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