man it’s great living here… why didn’t i decide to do this earlier?
it’s been a week since my last update. i feel i should write more often but i just don’t have the time.
friday of last week i went up to hotshot performance in irwindale to check out the shop. the owner, john, is the nicest guy in the world (he invited me up to take a look in the first place) and the shop was incredible. it was like header heaven! they’ve got tons of neat machines and lots of fantastic stuff and yea, it was reallllly cool. plus irwindale speedway is right around the corner! 😀 so i got the grand tour and hung around the shop for a while, then some of his friends came over and had band practice. yep. a hardcore band. and they were REALLY good! while they were playing, this guy came in wearing a se-r shirt so i complemented him on it and he was like naahh it’s nerdy and i’m like are you kidding? the b13 isn’t nerdy! and he’s like what do you know about b13s? he said it inquisitively not rudely so it was cool. so i was like did you see that turbo g20 out there and he’s
like yeah and i’m like haha it’s mine and he was like word and i was like fo rizzle homeslice. well, that’s not exaclty how we ended it. haha. anyway, turns out he drives in the SE-R cup and asked if i wanted to go see his “racecar b13” (built specifically for the se-r cup) which was amaaaazinnng and djhfjdhsf i had so much fun! it was great. i hung out all night with people who i have looked up to for so long and i feel so honored to have had met them. they were wonderful. i couldn’t have asked for a better experience. he had this guy living with him, an exchange student from japan, and i spoke to him a little in japanese and he understood me and actually said i speak very well and it was fun cause at least i know i am comprehensible when i try to talk. he didn’t speak english too well so whatever he couldn’t understand i’d say in japanese, and whatever japanese i didn’t understand he’d say in english. sweet.
i spent saturday just sleeping. oh man it was great. except i still don’t have a bed so sleeping consists of me laying on the floor with a blanket and a pillow and consequently not getting much sleep at all. oh well. i tried.
sunday was actually really suprising. one of my bosses came over to drop off some furniture he had that had been sitting in his garage for like a year. it’s nothing spectacular, a coffee table and a little dinette table/chairs, but it’s something, and i
‘m grateful to have more than nothing. problem was, it was kinda dirty from being in the garage. cobwebs and i found a few dead spiders which means i couldn’t go in my livingroom anymore (which is where the furniture is) but my friend angelo came over later and cleaned it all for me and he did it really well so i’m not scared of it anymore and now i can use it. plus he brought me coffeeeeee 😀 i ❤ coffee. and now, i ❤ angelo too. woot.
so anyway, sunday was even better than just free furniture.
around noon i was eating lunch, and i hear a car outside rev’ving. and it sounded really strong.
now, there’s a few nice-ass cars in the area.
there’s an s13 that parks across the street, it’s done really nicely, and i see it every day.
recently (past two weeks) i’ve noticed a new car.
a hachi roku. full drift-spec. it’s gorgeous.
so i thought maybe it was one of those two cars that i heard, and i ran outside to look
but it wasn’t
it was a turbo miata, and an rx-8
so i asked if i could come over and see the car, and the three japanese guys standing around said sure of course so i ran and got my keys and went over to check it out, and omggg it was beautiful. and the guys were sooo nice. we hung out for a while and talked for a while and one of the guys owns a shop here in torrance (enon
vativ force
), and they invited me down to come hang out.
then they wanted to see my car, so i went and got it, and when i came back with it, they were talking to eachother in japanese and i could understand pretty well and they were talking about how beautiful my car was (kiree na kuruma desu ne!) and all this other really cool stuff and it made me happy.
so then i said something to them in japanese and they were like omg you speak japanese! that’s great! and we had conversations and i could totally hold my own and it was cool. then the guy that owns the shop, his wife came out (she owned the rx-8) and she had her baby daughter with her.
the girl’s name was silvia.
yes, after the nissan silvia.
then, their son (about 4y/o) came over to say hi.
his name was skyline.
yes, after the nissan skyline.
it was amazing. that was the coolest thing EVER.
so it was an amazing weekend, as usual.
jay is coming to visit a week from today, i can’t wait to see him.
work was cool today. i got to do a lot of work for sema and it was fun.
i ❤ cali

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