well, since i never have time to update this damn thing from home, i figure i can write it while i’m at work 🙂
this weekend was a lot of fun, got to explore southern cali a little more…
friday night i went out in search of a DIY-car wash place since my car was so dirty she was brown instead of gray. i wound up finding one in long beach, and started washing her as if my life depended on it. after the first wash, claybar, and second wash i was waxing her when out of nowhere a police helicopter starts circling over the house across the street from the place with it’s spotlight on as if it was trying desperately to find someone. a few minutes later, police cars started swarming the area. i stood there watching for a little while and eventually they all left after like 20 minutes, so i just continued on washing my car. she is so shiny!
saturday morning i woke up painfully early for a saturday, got in my lovely glistening car, drove out of my apartment complex, and of course, it starts to rain.
but thanks to the claybar and wax, she stayed relativ
ely clean.
got down to oceanside for the mossy performance car show/meet around 845, and parked with a bunch of sentras since i didn’t know anyone there and it was mostly G35s and 350Zs… i wound up meeting this guy adam with a red b13, really nice guy. we hung out since i didn’t really know anyone else… haha.
the show was great, i saw a bunch of nice cars and met a lot of great people. the weather started clearing up too, and it wound up being hot as hell the rest of the day (read: middle of november, i was wearing a tanktop and i was hot! how great is that??) two guys from g20.net showed up, 2000g and freaktroll, both had turbo p11’s. so there were only three of us reppin, and all boosting. that was fun.
i had to do some ‘undercover detective work’ for garrett which meant i had to go and harass the turbonetics guys with tons of questions trying to get the dirt on them and see how they shittalk us. i got a LOT of great info. but it scared the crap outta me cause the guy i was talking to recognized me, but wasn’t exactly sure where he knew me from (from the garrett booth obviously) so i just played it off since i go to englishtown all the time and blah blah blah and when he asked what i was doing out here i just said school and changed the subject. eep.
pictures from the show will be up on www.g20nyc.com tomorrow night.
afterwards, the guy adam that i had been kickin it with asked if i wanted to hang out so i was like sure i’ve got nothing better to do haha. we drove to this lovely beach in the OC cause i ❤ cali beaches and of course my car ‘broke’ along the way…
i was doin 60 and all of a sudden the car just dies, i lost power steering and brakes, and had to pull over real quick. so i do, and i tried to start the car again, it starts after a few clicks and goes brapbrapbrap brapbrapbrap and dies… sounded like it was running on three cylinders. wtf?
so i start it again, rev rev reved it, let off, and it dies.
by this point i’m thinking ‘great, maybe my motor is finally calling it quits…’
so i pop the hood to go take a look, and of course, my blow off valve literally blew off the intercooler piping. stupid bosch plastic piece of crap, it’s connected to the intercooler pipe by a piece of hose and some hoseclamps. so i put it back on but i didn’t have a screwdriver to tighten it so i had to use a quarter. but it worked, and she started right up and ran like a champ 🙂
i love my girl cause she likes to mess with my head. silly car.
the beach was great. i saw my first real-life pelican!
so we hung out at the beach for like an hour, then adam mentions how his dad is the caretaker of this awesome old 1800’s mexican ranch in the area, a state p
ark/preserve type thing, so i was like oooo i wanna see!
so we drove over there and it was dusk by the time we got there but we walked around and he gave me the tour and it was just sooo amazingly beautiful and peaceful and serene. we were walking towards one of the old houses and all of a sudden i hear this loud bark come from a tree and i screamed cause it scared me and i said what the hell was that and adam is like oh it’s just a peacock.
a fucking peacock!
in a fucking tree!
apparently they sleep there so the coyotes can’t get them.
coyotes! what the hell??
so then we were chillin outside the house watching the sun go down and we lit the chiminea and roasted marshmallows and it actually was a lot of fun because i am outdoors-challenged and mine kept catching on fire. haha.
but so then we’re sitting there just hanging out and i hear a howl in the distance… it was the coyotes. it was amazing. i’ve never heard anything like that before, it was so cool. a little unnerving, but still, quite an experience!
sunday morning i again woke up painfully early, and brit came and picked me up for the se-r cup which was about three hours north at buttonwillow. i slept most of the ride up, yaay.
the track was cool, i’d only been to drag tracks prior to this so seeing an actual course was pretty neat. the races were cool, i had a good time. one of the guys
flipped his car a few times and it was totaled but he was okay thank god for roll cages and harnesses…
pictures from that will also be posted on g20nyc.com as of tomorrow night
yesterday my car decided to mess with me again…
i was driving back to the office after lunch and as i stepped on the clutch to shift i felt a little “pop” and i thought, great last time this happened it was the clutch cable snapping halfway through… so i get back to the office and i called the infiniti dealer up the block to see if they had the part in stock and also to see how much they would charge to change it for me since i have absolutely no tools here… they had it in stock, $35 for the cable + $360 for labor. they said it was a four hour job (yeah, maybe if you smoke crack while you change it…) so i said fuckkkk that i will figure out a way to do it myself.
then this guy that i work with says to me ‘why don’t you just change it yourself?’ and i replied because i have zero tools here and he says ‘well hey, just go downstairs (to the garrett garage) and borrow some stuff’ and i was like holy crap that is a brilliant idea!
so i went downstairs and grabbed some tools and yes i love my job so much more now because if my car breaks i will be able to fix it thanks to work 🙂
anyway, after work i drove to the
dealer to pick up the part, they were very nice, pretty knowledgeable too…
made it home safely, and started to get to work.
it only took me 40 minutes, not bad for a “four hour job” haha
but oh man what a pain in the ass to get the friggen thing unhooked from the clutch pedal and to get the grommet in/out of the firewall. i sliced my hand open pretty bad on the battery terminal while i was pulling it out 😦 ouch.
so after i finish it up i figure i’ll take it out for a testdrive to make sure she’s roadworthy, i start it up, pull out of the driveway, give it a little boost, and bam, car dies again. guess i didn’t tighten the silicon coupling on the throttle body enough and i blew another intercooler pipe. oops.
took me 20 minutes to get that damn thing back on because i was too lazy to remove the maf and loosen the other end of the pipe so i could get it on easier… haha. anyway, started it up again, took it for a spin, beat the crap out of it, and she’s perfect!! 😀
here’s the funny part:
my clutch, for the past year, has always been really heavy.
i loved it.
but i always knew something wasn’t right because i know it wasn’t supposed to be that heavy, but i could never figure out what exactly was wrong… i just didn’t care.
well, now my pedal is soft as hell, only sliiiightly heavier than stock, which i am not too happy about, but it still *feels* gr
eat and i feel the engagement point and everything so i guess i can deal with it 😉
but it’s good because it’s smooooooth as butter now, it used to bind up a little whenever i’d depress the clutch, and now, well, it’s like silk. it’s also nice peace of mind knowing that it’s exactly how it should be.
clutch cable #3, hopefully this will be the last.
here is a picture of the damage:
click here for car-nage
oddly enough, it wasn’t actually the cable that went… it was the metal collar around it.
see the exposed section of cable?
well, that shouldn’t be visible, the metal around it should completely surround it.
but somehow that broke (the pop that i felt) and caused the cable to kink and rub slightly, so it would have broken eventually anyway… good thing i changed it when i did.
so now, i’m at work, only an hour left… kinda bored but it’s not too bad. i’m looking forward to next week, i get thursday/friday off for thanksgiving and i haven’t slept past 7am in months, i’m really looking forward to having at least one day where i don’t have to get out of bed before noon 🙂

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