why SR20 motors are > *

okay okay okay, i give in.
since so many of you have asked, er, demanded for me to tell you what happened, here’s the run down…
my “new” motor sucks.
yes, we know that.
it burns oil, badly.
it’s been about 1 quart a month, consistently…
i check it every two weeks just to be sure.
i hadn’t checked it in like three weeks, but it should have been okay.
when i drove to the airport two thursdays ago to pick up erik, i noticed my oil pressure gauge starting to go crazy.
the needle was moving around erratically,
pressure would drop while braking,
rise while under no load at all,
showing practically no pressure at all…
basically, just being weird.
i got nervous but figured the gauge was going bad since my temp gauge did the same thing right before it crapped out.
regardless, i kept an eye on it but kept driving.
so then saturday night i’m driving home from the garrett/bothwell christmas party with dan, and i start hearing some bad noises coming from the valve train.
dan heard it too…%0
i figured, ah fuck it, who cares, this motor is shot anyway, i kinda don’t want to know what it is…
out of sight, out of mind…
monday while i was at work i was thinking about the noise and trying to figure it out.
then i had an un-blonde moment and realized that the car hadn’t been smoking for over a week.
then i think to myself…
fuck, it’s not smoking because there’s no oil in it…
that’s probably what’s causing the noises.
so i go outside, pop the hood, and pull the dipstick
bone dry.
i tried again,
same results.
i dumped in 3/4 quart of oil i had in the trunk,
and it barley registered on the stick.
three more quarts and it was full 😉
started it up, no noise at all.
drove it around just to be sure, perfectly quiet
beat the crap out of it for good measure, and she pulls as hard as ever.
so basically, i drove the car for like a week on probably less than one quart of oil and it’s fine.
…and she’s smoking again, back to broken-normal 😀
the end.
ps i am an idiot, and a horrible mother. i will never have children because i will forget to put oil in them.
and YES i will be updating very soon with what’s been going on the past two weeks, including the JGTC & D1GP events, but most likely that entry will be friends only or pr
ivate since there are several people who have absolutely no right to know what goes on in my life that reguarly read this

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