since the main entry is going to be friends only or private (haven’t decided yet) here’s a timeline of the past few weeks activity just for shits and gigles.
9th – picked up erik from the airport, my car almost killed itself.
10th – picked up dan from the airport, team toyo arrived and camped out on my living room floor.
11th – D1 driver search at irwindale in the am, then garrett/bothwell christmas party with dan that night.
12th – dan went back to stupid connecticut, thanks dan!!
13th – erik left, i “fixed” the car.
14-17th – tony and aj are the awesomest guys ever.
18th – JGTC at fontana, amaazzzing, D1 seven car tandem practice later that night.
19th – 630am at fontana, ouch. D1GP US v. Japan, absolutely incredible. i pity all of you that missed it.
20th – don’t remember much.
21st – tony and aj left, it was nice meeting them / living with them for almost two weeks, very cool guys.
22nd – today. my apt is ultra lonely now. oh well. had to call the japanese bookstore earlier to check on availability of something, had a 10 minute conversation with the woman in only japanese, shocked the shit out of all of my coworkers 😉
23rd – clean up the apartment after having boys there for a long time. laundry, pack, etc.
24th – 10pm, flight home to ny.
25th – arrive at JFK at 6am. wonderful.</font

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