okay so earlier this month, erik called and asked if he could stay with me for a few days since he was coming out to drive in a D1 competition. i wasn’t actually expecting him to follow through, i figured he would stay somewhere else, like, with tony angelo or someone… so i said sure, of course he could stay with me.
recap of erik: i met him back in march at the beaverun drift event in ohio. i was watching this one car all weekend, i didn’t know who the driver was, but he was incredible. sunday when everyone was driving home (30 car caravan) we stopped for lunch, and this really incredibly cute guy starts walking towards me. i immediately think, that’s him, that’s the one. so he comes over and he’s like ‘hey, i’m erik’ and i said hey i’m ainsley and he’s like yeah we talk online a lot and i was like uhhh we do? and he’s like yea, ‘erik from florida’ now, when i bought my coilovers, i bought them from a guy erik in florida, and we spoke online every once in a while, but mostly just business transactions and stuff. i had no idea that he was coming up for the drift e
vent, and once he said who he was and it clicked, i was like, holy crap. this guy = the one. stupid gut feelings. haha.
so we hung out for a little, but he had to drive back to florida for work. i was going to drift out wednesday at englishtown in jersey a few days later, and he actually postponed driving home so he could stay and we could hang out. yeah. it was awesome. he’s smart as hell too… graduated from columbia with a degree in electrical engineering, fluent in japanese, just overall, wow.
so he went back to florida, i went back to philly, bummed, this great guy and he lives so far away. he kept inviting me down to florida, offered to pay for my tickets, etc, but i was scared he only wanted ass, so i never went… we hung out a few more times during the year, but only at events and trade shows since he is in the industry too. we started talking more and more and got pretty close. i consider him a really good friend now.
so when he called and asked if he could stay with me i was pretty happy, but i assumed that he would just stay one night then stay with the guys on his team or his other friends in the area…
i picked him up from the airport on the 9th, and as soon as he got near my car he dropped his bags, picked me up, and gave me a huge kiss, just like out of a movie. needless to say it made me pretty happy πŸ˜‰ but i was all worried about my car cause of the stupid oil p
ressure and so my mind was somewhere else…
we get back to the apartment, it was late, i had work the next day, so i showered and got ready for bed. i had been joking with him how ‘sorry, i know the floor isn’t comfortable but it’s all i’ve got’ so it wouldnt sound like i was desperate for cuddle… so i’m trying to fall asleep, he showers, and a few minutes later i hear footsteps in my room, so i open my eyes, and gets in bed and cuddles up to me and kisses me goodnight. i was pretty suprised, but i’m thinking hey, maybe he just didn’t want to sleep on the floor…
so the next day i’m at work, and he emails me to say goodmorning, and we talked for a bit back and forth, which i thought was very nice of him to be thinking about me and wanting to talk rather than just sitting home sleeping or watching tv. then he asks, ‘hey, the guys [he drives for team toyo’s drift team] don’t have a place to stay for this weekend, would you mind if they stayed here for a few days?’ and i’m always up for random things so i said sure, cause why not? i figured it could be fun.
so friday night i go and pick up dan from the airport cause he flew out to visit and to go to the garrett/bothwell race team christmas party. cool huh? i miss dan it was good to see him again. we get home, and wait for the rest of team toyo to show up… they had just driven in from atlanta, towing a 52′ tra
iler and two cars… they were exhausted when the got in, and had to be up at 5am for the drift event (prequalifying for this past weekends GT Live event) so we all went to bed early.
again, i showered and went to bed. now, i’m assuming erik would just go and sleep in the living room since his boys/friends/teammates are here, but he crawled into my bed again. so i thought that was kinda weird, but in a good way. like, these are his teammates and close friends, but he’d rather stay with me? nice πŸ˜‰ especially in front of them!
next day, woke up, went to the drift event, me and dan had a great time, i’d never seen a pro D1 event before. erik didn’t qualify, and neither did tony (the guys from team toyo, tony, their other driver, and aj, their, uh, pit-bitch) but erik was still being all cute and flirty in front of *everyone* there, so i’m thinking cool if he can deal with PDAs in front of his team and everyone else there, then obviously he’s not just after me for ass… ran into tony angelo, good to see him again… crazy to think that he used to go to drexel with me and now he’s a pro D1 driver…
me and dan split early and went to the xmas party, had a great time, it was a lot of fun. i ❀ our race team, they’re friggen awesome guys. so we left there around midnight, and i expected the guys would be gone when we got home. three guys, LA, saturday night… of cours
e they’d be out right? nope. walked in, it was completely dark, i flipped the lights on and they were all passed out on the living room floor dead asleep. so i woke them up and tried to convince them that we should go do something but they just wanted to stay in. okay by me. i was tired so i said goodnight and went to bed. about 5 minutes later, erik gets up off the living room floor and again climbs into bed with me…. we ound up having ridiculous amounts of sex allllll night πŸ˜‰ and like, USUALLY after that if the guy only wants booty, he won’t want to cuddle? well i wasn’t sure and i was feeling all crappy like damnit i just totally gave in, this sucks, i don’t want it to just be about straight up booty, so i’m like, stuck on the edge of the bed trying to give him space, and he pulls me over and starts cuddling and i asked if he wanted space and he’s like no of course not. and then we fell asleep.
sunday we all just hung out again watching indiana jones movies all day, erik being cuddly, finally got to hang out with the team toyo guys for a significant amount of time, they were friggen awesome, nicest guys ive ever met, and hysterically funny. dan left back to the eastcoast during the afternoon… we all went out for dinner, came home, and i had to call it a night since i had work. so i’m thinking that erik wouldn’t bother now that he’d gotten what he wanted, but i was wrong again… over and ove
r and over. till 4am πŸ˜‰
he had to leave monday morning to get back to atlanta (he moved there a few months ago from fla) for work, and the guys offered to drive him to the airport so i wouldn’t be late for work, but erik woke me up early so we could spend some time together before we both had to leave. and uh, yea, again. which surprised me, cause if you can wake up next to someone after a long night of, uh, that, and still be attracted to them enough to want more that’s pretty impressive. cause usually you’ll wake up to someone completely different than who you fell asleep with. i was pretty sad when i had to say goodbye and he left because i wasn’t sure when i’d see him again, but i was still totally euphoric from spending so much time with him. and no it wasn’t just all sex, we spent a lot of time just hanging out and talking too πŸ˜‰
so around 4pm i’m sitting at work and i get a txt. it was him letting me know that he had gotten home safely. then he thanked me for such a great weekend, and i did the same, and then i had to run to a meeting.
later that day, me and tony and aj went out to mitsuwa (the japanese market up the block) for a few hours and i forgot my cell at the apt. when i got home there were two texts from him… one saying the typical hey how are you stuff, and the other saying ‘i hope you don’t just like me for d**k’ so i txt him back to say hey and pr
etend like i never saw the second, and he writes back and asks if i got his message, i played dumb and said which one and he said the one about me only liking him for that (so it was obvious that he wanted an aswer…) i said of course it wasn’t true but he only probably liked me for that same reason… he writes back ‘no, i like you cause you’re easy. just kidding, as cheesy as it sounds, i like you for who you are’ which i was like, awesome, sarcasm and cheesy emo-ness, that’s my favorite πŸ™‚
anyway, turns out the guys from team toyo were driving in the D1GP event this past weekend in a FormulaD demo, and so i invited them to stay as long as they needed since they were such f*cking awesome guys and we were getting along so well. they were really grateful too since they were totally broke. plus i enjoyed the company. tony is really good at killing spiders, so i was happy to have him around πŸ™‚
annnyyywayyyyy, the JGTC/D1GP event was abso-fucking-loutely incredible, beyond words… i had a blast. kumakubo and team orange won, with imamura in the apex fd in second. saturday the jgtc was really cool, i got awesome seats right above the pit areas and got to see a lot of the action. ran into a bunch of people who i knew, er, rather, who knew ‘of’ me but i had no clue who they were. as usual. they had an ultra top secret D1 practice saturday night, which i was lucky enough to see. seven car tande
m drifts/donuts from the japanese drivers. unbelievable!
sunday was great, but i had to get tony to the track at 630am which was brutal, and setup the garrett booth… the entire booth was in the backseat/trunk of my car but i didn’t have to setup until 9, so i tried to get some sleep… yeah, try sleeping in broad daylight in a bride racing seat that you can’t even recline because there are turbo cutaways in the backseat… fun. met some more people, mutual friends and such, had a great time. sucked not having erik there though 😦 he would have enjoyed it… he should have been driving in it…
but so sunday i was walking around taking pictures of the jgtc cars and one of the drivers said goodmorning to me (daishin 350z, #81) so i said ohayo gozaimasu and he like, bugged out that i could apparently speak japanese… so we start talking, and he grabs my camera, gives it to his buddy, and like, practically sits me on the car and starts snapping pictures. haha. it was awesome πŸ™‚
anyway, tony and aj and i got really close over the past week, like, goddamn, i just spent almost two weeks living in a tiny-ass apartment with two guys who i had never met before, but when they left this morning all three of us were trying really hard to not cry… they’re coming back in february for another D1 event and they’re gonna stay with me again. so yeah, they left this afternoon, and i already miss
them like crazy. i had so much fun with them. they were so random and so nice and just such fun people to be around. i’m glad i was able to help them out.
but here’s the problem. i realllllly like erik. i’ve had a crush on him since the moment i first saw him back in march. and apparently, he’s felt the same way. but i can’t figure out how i tell him ‘hey, i had a great time this weekend, and even though you’re all the way in atlanta, i think we should be together. or something’ without sounding like a total idiot / completely crazy/desperate/clingy? bah. it sucks, i miss him crazy amounts. we’ve talked every day since he left. he txts me every day to say good morning or good night or whatever. saturday night i was at the event and he was driving back to atlanta from miami (he runs drift events there and had just come back from one) and wanted me to keep him company while he drove… i was busy so we talked for a bit but i told him just txt me when you get home so i know you got in safely. so around 130am i get a message ‘hey, i’m home and in bed, talk to you tomorrow, love ya!’ and i was like aww <3<3<3<3 how sweeeeet cause i am a cheeseball.
so yeah, basically, this sucks, i don’t know what to dooooo. i want him to know that i really care about him but at the same time, he’s in atlanta, so what’s the point? i duno i’m just really confused. it seems like he total
ly feels the same way, but it hasn’t actuallllly been talked about… i duno. it just sucks. because i haven’t felt this way about a guy in years… i wish i knew how to tell him without scaring/freaking him out…
also, i’m at work right now, and i called mitsuwa to see if they had an rx-7 hyper rev in stock for patrick for christmas, and well, they don’t speak english…
‘tyotto ukagaimasu ga, hon o is-satsu irimasu yo. hyper rev no rx-nana arimasu ka? ah, daijoubu, doru wa ikura desu ka? so desu ne, ashita kimasu yo, arigato gozaimasu!’
everyone at work who overheard was all shocked and stuff… haha. they didn’t know i speak japanese πŸ˜‰

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