this is why patrick is my best friend…
he brings out the best in me πŸ˜‰
me: yeah like stealing shit from my old job like mouses, mice, damnit.
me: she’s not a virgin, she’s got tattoos!
me: migidonari desu
me: eeni meeni mieni mo
pat: is that what that means?
me: …and they never live to tell about it
pat: yeah their scatter shield lack of thereof
me: californiation accomplished
pat: but you’re on vacation in california, so what was accomplished
me: uh, cali-FORnication…
pat: ooohhhhh. i always thought i meant california vacation
me: fo’ shizzle mah nizzle on the rizzle
pat: negro
me: wait, what rimes with negro?
pat: plegro?
me: uh, you’re in a leagro of your own dude πŸ˜‰
me: my japanese to black friend numeration population is totally in the asian denomination favor, uh, ation.
pat: what? my head hurts, you make me think too much.
me: wow, i’m a caucasion rhymation sensation
pat: inflation.
me: i should be a rapper
pat: i
want to be a white rapper
me: you mean like an albino?
pat: what ever happened to little ceasars?
me: uh, i don’t know, pappa johns?
pat: what’s pappa johns got to do with little ceasars?
me: john, ceasar, they’re both names…
pat: ceasar isn’t a name
me: yes it is… ceasar, that emperor guy, uh, ceasor’s palace…
pat: no it’s a title. ceasar is a title
me: no way, then why would they name a salad after a title
pat: ohhhh i’m thinking of czar

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