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February 25, 2005

Erik flew in from Atlanta last night for the D1GP season opener this weekend at Irwindale. I picked him up from the airport along with Finish Line Motorsport’s owner/team manager Sae and his girlfriend. We went out for Korean BBQ with some of their friends and it was nice. He held my hand and rubbed my leg under the table. It made me smile.
We came home and I went online to check my emails real quick, and he comes up behind me and starts cuddling. We wound up cuddling and laying on the floor and making out for a good half-hour. Man I missed him so much. So by that time it was getting pretty late and I had work the next morning (today) so I went to take a shower. Just as I was about to turn off the water and get out, he walks in and joined me in the shower. We fooled around a bit and had some fun, then it was time for bed, but that got delayed by all the sex we had. The last time either one of us got laid was when he was here in December, so it was a stress reliever for the both of us. And for the record, it was amazing.
We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. I’ve neve
r slept so well…
Woke up this morning for work, and I was so happy having him next to me holding me and kissing me. It made waking up so wonderful. It’s also really nice knowing he’ll be at my apartment when I get home, most likely sitting on the floor in his boxers playing GT4 😉 I like coming home to him.
This weekend should be nice, Erik’s driving Saturday and hopefully Sunday if he qualifies. He’s leaving early Monday morning. I’m kinda bummed as I’d really like to spend more time with him, but I understand it’s business. He’s here for work, and he just got a new job, and he’s so busy, I wouldn’t expect him to stay longer, it just sucks with the distance and everything because I care about him so much and I’m so happy when he’s here… but it’s something I’ve got to accept and deal with. It seems that he feels the same way, but neither of us will admit it nor bring it up in conversation.
Oh well, who knows what will happen with us… I am just hoping it’s for the better.


February 25, 2005

The past week has been so much fun.
Dan and Dave arrived from NY on Saturday night. They got a rental since I’d be at work all week and they wanted to explore. It was a brand new ’05 Honda Civic with 12 miles on it! First order of business? Sticker the piss out of it for shits and giggles: two stickers on the rear windows, a NYCGs banner across the windshield, and a Turbo By Garrett sticker on the back windshield. woot. Rice at it’s best \m/
Sunday we drove down to Mexico, it was only about two hours away, explored a little, went to Senor Frogs in Tijuana, I had my first *legal* beer, and all in all just had a really good time. On the way back we stopped in San Diego for dinner and had some fun with the rental involving really big hills and the e-brake.
I had to work this week so they’ve just been going out and exploring. It’s nice coming home to such great friends, and I’m really enjoying the company. It’s gonna suck when they leave Saturday…
Speaking of leaving, I’m leaving G
arrett two weeks from today. Sucky.
Anthony came back from Virginia and he arrived on Tuesday. He’ll be staying with me until I am ready to leave.
The battery in my car died Monday night, which I didn’t find out until Tuesday morning, luckily I had Dave drive me to work in the rental, and used Anthony’s 1.6Turbo B13 to jump it later that night. I let it run a while to charge and then took it out for a little drive. I got stuck at the light on the corner of Lomita and Hawthorne, and my dash lights start dimming and the revs start dropping, so I start revving the car to keep it running. I was sitting there for about two minutes blatantly just revving and revving. I didn’t realize until the light was about to turn green that there was a cop literally thisclose behind me. Oops. But he didn’t pull me over. Either he didn’t care, or he didn’t want to get out of his car and get wet (it was raining pretty badly). Tuesday morning I figured the car would start right up, but it was dead again. Shit. Thankfully, I had Anthony drive me to work and after he picked me up and I brought the battery over to Sears to get it tested to be sure it was the battery and not the alternator being crappy. Turns out it was in fact the battery, so I bought an Optima redtop since my valve cover is red and I am cheesy and want my engine bay to be somewhat color coordinated 😀
the D1GP season opener is this weekend at Irwindale, I’m looking forward to it.
then the NICO convention/NOPI event in Phoenix in a couple weeks, then home.
but I’ve forgotten where/what ‘home’ is exactly…

February 18, 2005

so today while i was trying to find out what ever happened to the unixpunx site, i came across this other site…
“ will find out what thinks of you”
it’s pretty funny, very random.
here are some of my favorites:
ainsley is a proud native of columbia
ainsley is adamant
ainsley is about to show rokusho all of her husband’s old medals
ainsley is so smart
ainsley is the best
ainsley is the chairperson of the implementation design committee that is responsible for the introduction of the new quebec education programme
ainsley is a full service real estate
ainsley is worried about how the white house counsel has taken to her appointment
ainsley is still editorial director of the indestructible arts digital tv channel artsworld
ainsley is such a cute little thing
ainsley is the queen of the insidious spaghetti
ainsley is an effervescent personality
ainsley is no longer wondering how she is going to pay for it
nsley is in the corner and deuce is in the front
ainsley is a colorado native who got into the industry early as a junior ski patroller at winter park in high school
ainsley is picking up some lunch and is carrying a fan
ainsley is a master swordsman
ainsley is the 26
ainsley is now planning to bring some of our champion horses to many live shows within the next year in order to show at the north american nationals again
ainsley is back
ainsley is no longer playing for zim zum’s
ainsley is confused by memories of her past life as eleanor guilford
ainsley is really at home
wow. google thinks very highly of me!

my life is so friggen random

February 16, 2005

okay, so does everyone remember the post i made recently about dsm-owners because i encountered a particularly rude one on the road the other day? (if not, please see this post)
well i was talking online last night with this guy who found me on my space and lives in torrance. turns out, it was him!!! he said he doesn’t remember it and he had no idea what was going on at the time, and that’s why he was like wtf but yeah it was definitly him because i recognized the car and hahahaha soooo random. so yeah, i forgive him cause he is a nice guy. now i feel bad about ‘smoking’ him. eep. but at least the mystery was solved!

February 14, 2005

today was amazing
usually, i hate valentine’s day with a passion.
usually, i have absolutely nobody that i care about at all which is why i don’t like said holiday

this morning, i was sitting at work, and i get a call from the front desk to come downstairs
at first i thought ‘wheee my turbine housing is back from swaintech!’
but then i remembered it would come to the garrett garage, not the desk
i was confused.
so i get downstairs, and frank says “your flowers are on the desk”
flowers? me?
no way.
that’s got to be a mistake.
nobody’s ever *ever* bought me flowers
with the exception of aaron, but that was a friend taking another friend on a date for fun
or dimitri, but i think that was due to the fact he is just a total sweetheart

so i pick up my lovely *red roses* and look at the card
no name
i had an idea of who they might be from,
who i *hoped* they were from…
but i’m just not that lucky.

well, apparently i AM that lucky! :

needless to say, i’ve had the biggest smile on my face all day
people at work keep asking me who they’re from, they’re sitting on my desk
all i can do is smile and say they are from a very wonderful, very cute racecar driver

as of today, i think this holiday rocks 😀

note to guys: sending a girl flowers at her job is an ultra-good idea

also, here’s another random ‘ainsley gets pulled over my california police and sweettalks her way out of it’ story. enjoy.

i was driving to work this morning, making a right onto hawthorne as usual (busy main road)
traffic was clear, so i merge into the middle lane since i had to get to the left in two blocks anyway
well, this total jerk pulls out of a driveway and traffic fills in around me and he come *flying* up on my bumper so fast that i had no choice but to downshift and boost and speed the hell up or else he would have rearended me.

there is a motorcycle cop that hides in in a parking lot every morning

as i am speeding up to avoid the jerk, i drive right past him, full boost, full smoke.
i knew he was going to pull me over, it was unavoidable.
so i pull over, he gets behind me and says to pull into the next lot
i do, and he rolls up behind me.

even before he had a
chance to get to my window i stick my head out the window and say ‘officer, i’m so sorry but that guy was flying up my ass (yes, i actually said ass) so fast i had no choice but to speed up so he wouldn’t hit me’
he laughs and says “haha yeah i know, i was trying to tag *him* but you left me no choice but to go after you”

so i grab my wallet, flip it open, subtly display the minibadge, and offer up my license.
then, i voluntarily offered up some more information. ‘and i know my car is smoking really badly, i’m sorry, my piston rings and valve seals are totally shot but i can’t afford to fix it right now. i’m building a new motor for it but i won’t be able to put it in until april’ he looks at me and says “why can’t you do it now?” to which i reply ‘i’m only out here in LA temporarily, and i’m leaving in a month and a half.’ he said “did you drive the car out here like this?” i said ‘yeah, i didn’t have any choice. but i try not to drive the car unless i absolutely have to because it’s so embarrassing. i only drive to/from work because i know how bad it is’

so he chills out, turns out to be a REALLY cool cop, and asks me if i could pop the hood to show him what else i had done.
now, this is california, i’m not stupid, i know he knows what he’s looking at, and it’s obvious from how he had been talking to me that he knows cars as wel

i told him i’d pop the hood if he agreed not to hassle me about it (aka i was telling him hey this isn’t exactly legal, but you’re cool, so just pretend not to notice okay?) he agreed, shook my hand, and i showed him everything.

he LOVED it.
he even asked when i was upgrading the turbo.

then he asked me “do you drive this thing fast? seems like a really cool little hot rod” so i explained ‘nah i really can’t since the motor’s so shot and it’s my daily driver i’m trying to keep it in it’s current semi-broken state rather than destroy it completely’ and he actually said…

“well, if this was my car, there’s no way i’d be able to ever drive it slow!”
oh. my. god.

so then i name dropped the other officer that pulled me over and laughed about how he really liked it too, turns out this guy knew him, blah blah blah, i closed the hood, he gets back on his bike, no ticket, no warning (he actually never even asked for my registration or insurance), and told me to enjoy the rest of my stay in california.
as i was leaving, just for shits and giggles, i beeped the horn, waved to him and shouted “happy valentines day!” with a big smile on my face. he returned the comment and drove off.

the current score?
police – 0
ainsley – 2


so yeah, today has been absolutely indescribably amazing, but that’s mostly due to the first part of this entry ❤

February 7, 2005

i wish so badly that i could just have one small shred of concrete tangible hope that i am not getting in over my head.
i’ve always been the one who wasn’t afraid,
who did whatever they wanted
regardless of what anyone else said/thought/did/etc
…except with this stuff.
but tomorrow, i will take my first step *ever* towards being progressive in this 0.01% of my life that i had previously hidden from.
let’s just hope it pays off…

February 7, 2005

to all you drexhell people that have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn to register for spring term tomorrow…
i guilt-tripped my advisor into registering for me today so i don’t have to wake up at 430am due to time zone differences…
i got all the classes i want, 20 credits, and my earliest class is 10am twice a week.
i think this is the first and only time i’ve gotten a hookup from drexel.

February 3, 2005

i sent out 40 resumes today for my september ’05 co-op.
i focued mainly on southern california since i am now convinced that winter is the worst invention ever and it’s so easy to escape it.
also, i figure this way, if i get any offers
i am already in LA so that makes interviews much easier
if i get an offer, i won’t have to deal with drexel’s shitty interviews-during-finals-week brilliance.
wish me luck *crosses fingers*

February 2, 2005

today was amazing.
i’ve been working on getting some “parts” together to build motor #4 when i return to the east coast in a few weeks…
i came across the most amazing deal ever.
here is what i am getting:
87mm overbored SR20 block, done properly with a torque plate, never used
milled and acid washed highport SR20 head, never used
brand new eagle h-beam rods
new girdle bolts
new DET valves, springs, retainers
here’s the best part:
$650 *shipped* for everything
and no, i didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get such a fantastic deal, i just got reallllllly lucky and the timing was perfect 😀
in a few weeks i will be buying some 9.2:1 compression arias 87mm pistons, a head gasket, head studs, high volume oil pump, water pump, gaskets/seals, and bearings
all i need is a manifold… that won’t come cheap, but oh well, i can splurge for something, right?
i am the happiest girl everrrrrrr
plus i got a cute little text message from “some guy” today at work that totally rocked my day even more 😉

February 1, 2005

another prime example of why all dsm-owners (minus chris) are elitist douchebags:
so i was just driving home from work, in the left lane, and the flow of traffic brought me up next to a nice clean black 2g in the middle lane.
pretty rare to see an eclipse around here without altezza lame lights, but this one was still pure, untouched, unriced
nice clean rims, subtle drop, tasteful exhaust, all in all, a nice looking car.
so since i was next to him, i look over, smile and give him a nod and a thumbs up
he looks back and GLARES at me
i smoked him.
literally and metaphorically
thank you blown motor that smokes like hell but still pulls hard as fuck
hahaha ❤