today was amazing.
i’ve been working on getting some “parts” together to build motor #4 when i return to the east coast in a few weeks…
i came across the most amazing deal ever.
here is what i am getting:
87mm overbored SR20 block, done properly with a torque plate, never used
milled and acid washed highport SR20 head, never used
brand new eagle h-beam rods
new girdle bolts
new DET valves, springs, retainers
here’s the best part:
$650 *shipped* for everything
and no, i didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get such a fantastic deal, i just got reallllllly lucky and the timing was perfect šŸ˜€
in a few weeks i will be buying some 9.2:1 compression arias 87mm pistons, a head gasket, head studs, high volume oil pump, water pump, gaskets/seals, and bearings
all i need is a manifold… that won’t come cheap, but oh well, i can splurge for something, right?
i am the happiest girl everrrrrrr
plus i got a cute little text message from “some guy” today at work that totally rocked my day even more šŸ˜‰

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