today was amazing
usually, i hate valentine’s day with a passion.
usually, i have absolutely nobody that i care about at all which is why i don’t like said holiday

this morning, i was sitting at work, and i get a call from the front desk to come downstairs
at first i thought ‘wheee my turbine housing is back from swaintech!’
but then i remembered it would come to the garrett garage, not the desk
i was confused.
so i get downstairs, and frank says “your flowers are on the desk”
flowers? me?
no way.
that’s got to be a mistake.
nobody’s ever *ever* bought me flowers
with the exception of aaron, but that was a friend taking another friend on a date for fun
or dimitri, but i think that was due to the fact he is just a total sweetheart

so i pick up my lovely *red roses* and look at the card
no name
i had an idea of who they might be from,
who i *hoped* they were from…
but i’m just not that lucky.

well, apparently i AM that lucky! :

needless to say, i’ve had the biggest smile on my face all day
people at work keep asking me who they’re from, they’re sitting on my desk
all i can do is smile and say they are from a very wonderful, very cute racecar driver

as of today, i think this holiday rocks 😀

note to guys: sending a girl flowers at her job is an ultra-good idea

also, here’s another random ‘ainsley gets pulled over my california police and sweettalks her way out of it’ story. enjoy.

i was driving to work this morning, making a right onto hawthorne as usual (busy main road)
traffic was clear, so i merge into the middle lane since i had to get to the left in two blocks anyway
well, this total jerk pulls out of a driveway and traffic fills in around me and he come *flying* up on my bumper so fast that i had no choice but to downshift and boost and speed the hell up or else he would have rearended me.

there is a motorcycle cop that hides in in a parking lot every morning

as i am speeding up to avoid the jerk, i drive right past him, full boost, full smoke.
i knew he was going to pull me over, it was unavoidable.
so i pull over, he gets behind me and says to pull into the next lot
i do, and he rolls up behind me.

even before he had a
chance to get to my window i stick my head out the window and say ‘officer, i’m so sorry but that guy was flying up my ass (yes, i actually said ass) so fast i had no choice but to speed up so he wouldn’t hit me’
he laughs and says “haha yeah i know, i was trying to tag *him* but you left me no choice but to go after you”

so i grab my wallet, flip it open, subtly display the minibadge, and offer up my license.
then, i voluntarily offered up some more information. ‘and i know my car is smoking really badly, i’m sorry, my piston rings and valve seals are totally shot but i can’t afford to fix it right now. i’m building a new motor for it but i won’t be able to put it in until april’ he looks at me and says “why can’t you do it now?” to which i reply ‘i’m only out here in LA temporarily, and i’m leaving in a month and a half.’ he said “did you drive the car out here like this?” i said ‘yeah, i didn’t have any choice. but i try not to drive the car unless i absolutely have to because it’s so embarrassing. i only drive to/from work because i know how bad it is’

so he chills out, turns out to be a REALLY cool cop, and asks me if i could pop the hood to show him what else i had done.
now, this is california, i’m not stupid, i know he knows what he’s looking at, and it’s obvious from how he had been talking to me that he knows cars as wel

i told him i’d pop the hood if he agreed not to hassle me about it (aka i was telling him hey this isn’t exactly legal, but you’re cool, so just pretend not to notice okay?) he agreed, shook my hand, and i showed him everything.

he LOVED it.
he even asked when i was upgrading the turbo.

then he asked me “do you drive this thing fast? seems like a really cool little hot rod” so i explained ‘nah i really can’t since the motor’s so shot and it’s my daily driver i’m trying to keep it in it’s current semi-broken state rather than destroy it completely’ and he actually said…

“well, if this was my car, there’s no way i’d be able to ever drive it slow!”
oh. my. god.

so then i name dropped the other officer that pulled me over and laughed about how he really liked it too, turns out this guy knew him, blah blah blah, i closed the hood, he gets back on his bike, no ticket, no warning (he actually never even asked for my registration or insurance), and told me to enjoy the rest of my stay in california.
as i was leaving, just for shits and giggles, i beeped the horn, waved to him and shouted “happy valentines day!” with a big smile on my face. he returned the comment and drove off.

the current score?
police – 0
ainsley – 2


so yeah, today has been absolutely indescribably amazing, but that’s mostly due to the first part of this entry ❤


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