so today while i was trying to find out what ever happened to the unixpunx site, i came across this other site…
“ will find out what thinks of you”
it’s pretty funny, very random.
here are some of my favorites:
ainsley is a proud native of columbia
ainsley is adamant
ainsley is about to show rokusho all of her husband’s old medals
ainsley is so smart
ainsley is the best
ainsley is the chairperson of the implementation design committee that is responsible for the introduction of the new quebec education programme
ainsley is a full service real estate
ainsley is worried about how the white house counsel has taken to her appointment
ainsley is still editorial director of the indestructible arts digital tv channel artsworld
ainsley is such a cute little thing
ainsley is the queen of the insidious spaghetti
ainsley is an effervescent personality
ainsley is no longer wondering how she is going to pay for it
nsley is in the corner and deuce is in the front
ainsley is a colorado native who got into the industry early as a junior ski patroller at winter park in high school
ainsley is picking up some lunch and is carrying a fan
ainsley is a master swordsman
ainsley is the 26
ainsley is now planning to bring some of our champion horses to many live shows within the next year in order to show at the north american nationals again
ainsley is back
ainsley is no longer playing for zim zum’s
ainsley is confused by memories of her past life as eleanor guilford
ainsley is really at home
wow. google thinks very highly of me!

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