The past week has been so much fun.
Dan and Dave arrived from NY on Saturday night. They got a rental since I’d be at work all week and they wanted to explore. It was a brand new ’05 Honda Civic with 12 miles on it! First order of business? Sticker the piss out of it for shits and giggles: two stickers on the rear windows, a NYCGs banner across the windshield, and a Turbo By Garrett sticker on the back windshield. woot. Rice at it’s best \m/
Sunday we drove down to Mexico, it was only about two hours away, explored a little, went to Senor Frogs in Tijuana, I had my first *legal* beer, and all in all just had a really good time. On the way back we stopped in San Diego for dinner and had some fun with the rental involving really big hills and the e-brake.
I had to work this week so they’ve just been going out and exploring. It’s nice coming home to such great friends, and I’m really enjoying the company. It’s gonna suck when they leave Saturday…
Speaking of leaving, I’m leaving G
arrett two weeks from today. Sucky.
Anthony came back from Virginia and he arrived on Tuesday. He’ll be staying with me until I am ready to leave.
The battery in my car died Monday night, which I didn’t find out until Tuesday morning, luckily I had Dave drive me to work in the rental, and used Anthony’s 1.6Turbo B13 to jump it later that night. I let it run a while to charge and then took it out for a little drive. I got stuck at the light on the corner of Lomita and Hawthorne, and my dash lights start dimming and the revs start dropping, so I start revving the car to keep it running. I was sitting there for about two minutes blatantly just revving and revving. I didn’t realize until the light was about to turn green that there was a cop literally thisclose behind me. Oops. But he didn’t pull me over. Either he didn’t care, or he didn’t want to get out of his car and get wet (it was raining pretty badly). Tuesday morning I figured the car would start right up, but it was dead again. Shit. Thankfully, I had Anthony drive me to work and after he picked me up and I brought the battery over to Sears to get it tested to be sure it was the battery and not the alternator being crappy. Turns out it was in fact the battery, so I bought an Optima redtop since my valve cover is red and I am cheesy and want my engine bay to be somewhat color coordinated 😀
the D1GP season opener is this weekend at Irwindale, I’m looking forward to it.
then the NICO convention/NOPI event in Phoenix in a couple weeks, then home.
but I’ve forgotten where/what ‘home’ is exactly…

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