Erik flew in from Atlanta last night for the D1GP season opener this weekend at Irwindale. I picked him up from the airport along with Finish Line Motorsport’s owner/team manager Sae and his girlfriend. We went out for Korean BBQ with some of their friends and it was nice. He held my hand and rubbed my leg under the table. It made me smile.
We came home and I went online to check my emails real quick, and he comes up behind me and starts cuddling. We wound up cuddling and laying on the floor and making out for a good half-hour. Man I missed him so much. So by that time it was getting pretty late and I had work the next morning (today) so I went to take a shower. Just as I was about to turn off the water and get out, he walks in and joined me in the shower. We fooled around a bit and had some fun, then it was time for bed, but that got delayed by all the sex we had. The last time either one of us got laid was when he was here in December, so it was a stress reliever for the both of us. And for the record, it was amazing.
We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. I’ve neve
r slept so well…
Woke up this morning for work, and I was so happy having him next to me holding me and kissing me. It made waking up so wonderful. It’s also really nice knowing he’ll be at my apartment when I get home, most likely sitting on the floor in his boxers playing GT4 😉 I like coming home to him.
This weekend should be nice, Erik’s driving Saturday and hopefully Sunday if he qualifies. He’s leaving early Monday morning. I’m kinda bummed as I’d really like to spend more time with him, but I understand it’s business. He’s here for work, and he just got a new job, and he’s so busy, I wouldn’t expect him to stay longer, it just sucks with the distance and everything because I care about him so much and I’m so happy when he’s here… but it’s something I’ve got to accept and deal with. It seems that he feels the same way, but neither of us will admit it nor bring it up in conversation.
Oh well, who knows what will happen with us… I am just hoping it’s for the better.

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