so as usual, i’ve been slacking with the updates. but i actually have a legit reason this time!
i got a roommate and my apartment has turned into Hotel Drift California, so i hardly ever have any alone time to update, not to mention my computer gets bogarted all the time so it’s not even like i have had a chance to even sit down and write…
things have been going well here, my last day at Garrett was this past friday. i’ve never actually cried leaving a job before… but i just had so much fun working there, the people were so wonderful and generous and it really wasn’t like “work” to me, it was more like going to the office to play and have fun and get paid to do what i do anyway. they threw me this huge goodbye party, it was great, but really sad at the same time. there was a big cake with a picture of *my* disco potato silkscreened on it (haha totally cool) and i’m getting a cutaway turbo as a goodbye present 🙂
so about the living situation.
anthony came back from virginia a couple weeks ago and will be taking over the lease on my apartment startin
g whenever i leave. so that means hopefully if i come back i can just move back in to my place and split the rent with him. have i mentioned how much i love having him as a roommate? it’s like i’ve inherited a wife. i come home from work and the trash has been taken out, the dishes are done, and the apartment is cleaned. holy shit this is incredible. like, if i wasn’t straight i would totally marry a chick just for the “wife”/maid aspect. haha. plus, living with a guy means they can kill all the scary bugs, and if you play the i’m-a-cute-little-girl card right, they will do stuff for ya (i mean stuff like bring me food, get me the remote, do things i don’t want to do because i am lazy, etc)
tony’s been here since february 28th… that’ll be two weeks as of tomorrow. he was only supposed to stay here for a few days, but it’s turned into a nightmare (for him at least. i love having him here, he’s so much fun to have around). the dually had some bad exhaust leaks and they decided to fix it here rather than drive it back to atlanta with shitty gas mileage. well, turns out it had a lot more than exhaust leaks, it also had a warped manifold and turbine housing, so at the moment, we’re still waiting on parts to fix it, meaning tony’s here until whenever that happens. i enjoy the company, he’s a cool guy to chill with, i just feel bad that he’s stuck here for such a long period of time when he could
be home getting a job and being productive rather than sitting on my livingroom floor playing gt4 all day…
also, i’ve got a boyfriend now. he is wonderful and makes me smile. i’m happy. i’m just hoping i don’t fuck it up like all the rest…
but it’s the paulie situation again, as that i had no idea he was my boyfriend until recently. eep. haha.
note to all future guys in my life: if i am your girlfriend, please let me know!! thanks.
the nopi/ndra phoenix event is this friday, i’m heading down, i’ve got a sweeeet hotel room saturday night (again, thanks garrett!) but i haven’t figured out if i’m driving or having my friend trailer my car there. either way it should be a lot of fun. i haven’t had a chance to check out arizona yet, except for the 12 miles or so that i drove through on my way out here. ha.
then it’s back to philly. haven’t exactly decided how that’s going to happen yet. i’ve got a few options. gotta talk to tony and figure out what he’s doing before i can make any definite plans for myself…
it’s been fun out here. garrett wants me back, but it’s up to finance. hopefully things will get straightened out with that soon so i don’t have to go through drexhell’s lame ass interview process and i can come back here in september… i can’t wait to come back, i feel like i’m going to my death heading back to philly…
but now i am going to go and write a friends only or private entry with all the fun details i’ve left out here, because there are still certain people who read this who have absolutely no right to know anything going on in my life ❤

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